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Jan 24, 2009
I am excited for a new world and spells and schools and character options and stuff like that (spins around in big chair with bubble pipe in mouth) here are my ideas for a few stuff
1 World: Another fire world a name maybe like Volcania or Flametopamus
(i seriously reccomend Volcania)Worldbosses Malistaires kid Boy and girl
2 Character Creating Options:Is it a couinincdince that W101 added a rival world and no way to use new spells and schools well when you choose a wizard school you should be able to chose 1 WizardCity or 2:Wysteria and your clothes look different too and the monster lvls and storyline change greatly its like a different wysteria for that option and counterparts for each world here they are KT-Alegypt Final Boss King Krok(AE) MB-Furryball final boss Woofington (FB)Mooshu-BeepanFinal Boss Darkurai
(BP) DragonSpyre-Draconia Malistaria (Malistaires wife)(DC)The Worlds Kt,MB,MS, are of the opposite animal and at lvl 15 you go to WC :D
Schools:Listed above in character options(Hint: Wysteria schools)
Ice: Shard Monster deals 780-830 It makes ice come from the ground to form a monster and it punches an opponent
myth: Cerberus first150-second250-third300he appears and bites the opponet 3 times
storm:Lighting Column 850-880 a lighting collumn comes from the sky and elecrecutes the opponent
balance: equality it makes an enemy with higher health, healths equal to yours
fire: Fire Warrior 790-840it appears then slices the opponent with a Longsword made outta fire(also known a Joyuse in mythology)
life:YinYang Angel 500 it appears and blasts all opponents for 500 each then heals all of your team 500 each
Death: Hades 750-800 hades appears and hurts the opponent with underworldly power

Well hope you all enjoyed my Ideas

especially you 8)

See you in the spiral

Main Wizard is Angus Myth

Aug 13, 2011
Great ideas except that the storm one is to much like the 0 pip attacks.

- Jordan Jadecaster Magus Diviner Level 33 in MB at Chelsea Court

Jan 24, 2009
Yeah i guess so but i couldnt think of some thnx for honesty i just thought of something how about a storm angel 780-890 description appears with swords in hand its all engulfed in lightning the angel, swords even the halo is engulfed in lighting and it slashes