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Idea that could benefit pve and pvp players

Aug 14, 2009
Hey guys, I have an idea that I want to post. I read a post earlier about how ki downgraded Guardian Angel because of pvp reasons. I have an idea that I would like to share which could probably benefit both pvp and pve players.

My idea is that there should be separate cards for pvp and pve. Lets take Guardian Angel as an example. A life wizard does the quest, get's the Guardian Angel card. This is what could change. The life wizard does the quest, gets 2 different cards. They're both Guardian Angel, but the difference is that one of them is for pve only, and the settings would be the same settings as the one before ki downgraded it. There would be another card of Guardian Angel for pvp only, which would have the settings after ki downgraded it.

Same thing with wild bolt. Before, it was 1000 damage and 10% accuracy. That could be used for pve and the wild bolt now that does 10, 100, or 1000 damage could be pvp only.

What do you think of the idea?

Nov 19, 2009
I suppose it would prevent complainers destroying wonderful spells, but to make it even better, why not make the 2 versions available for pve, and pvp for one version?

Aug 07, 2011
Great, terrific. /sarcasm

So -- whether or not you want to pvp -- you're stuck with twice the cards in your deck? No, I don't think so. Awful idea.

Jun 06, 2009

you would have one copy of the card depending on pvp or pve, you don't HAVE to get both in your deck. Personally I love this idea. I hate that wild bolt got downgraded...

Aug 15, 2009
If Ki goes with a pvp and pve separate card route then why shouldnt they take the pvp out of the pve game and have a separate pvp game like w101pve edition that is the same but separate like when they run test realm. it seems like a forever challenge for KI to come up with a balance that satisfies both the pvp and pve players and even when they are one and the same.