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Idea for more reagent bundles in the crown shop

Dec 13, 2008
So a lot of new recipes and such require lots and lots of the new ore metals persay like cobalt or copper or even silver and theres other things that need the new ore metals like brass, steel, heck even platinum i think it'd be awesome if there was even more 100 reagent bundles of these fairly new reagents there that'd help with jewel/spell crafting ik a fair amount of people buy this i know i do for stuff like kelp for pigsie, red mandrake for blood moss (ik this drops like mad at the detritus dungeon this was before this was added as an example), scrap iron for spring and most definitely sandstone for sun stone

Mar 15, 2020
As far as metal farming goes, you can farm a wide spread of metals in the Great Clock gauntlet. If you need to craft something with it, that's a nice place to farm. There was some place I was in where I got a lot of cobalt, I'm not sure where it was now, it might've been Secret Tunnel, but don't quote me on that.

Yeah, sometimes it's nice to just give in and buy reagents with crowns, and it's a bit disappointing that you can't do that with all reagents.