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Idea for later levels.

Mar 08, 2009
This is an idea i made up :D its still pretty unfinished but i'll think some more about it. .Celestia should be a dream world and to talk to ambrose after level 50 you have to go to his retirement home in celestia. Maybe at a certain point ( possibly level 70 if it ever goes that high) you go to his home because he's getting old and well um he's dying. He sends you on his final mission. So it turns out that even though Malistaire is gone all the bosses team up and become a powerful force with a new leader. ( Not another of malistaire's relatives)! His name is Arthrus. So Ambrose sends you to kill EVERY boss in the whole game ( and when you fight malistaire its malistaire's ghost, which is equally as strong ) and then you learn Dispel darkness. You can try to kill Arthrus before that but he will do LOTS of damage and you cant hurt him unless you use that spell. After you kill Arthrus you return to ambrose he says Thank You young wizard i now grant you My most powerful secret. Use it Well. and then he dies . His secret was a REALLY powerful spell. It cost 16 pips though. It damages Everyone for 1800 Takes away all their shields( Not traps ) and gives them all a 35% weakness and it doesnt go under any spell category, but no matter what school you are power pips wont count for it. And this spell isnt blockable ( except if you use tower shield ). Oh right and after that you get a new pet! Gamma.( He'd be no trade and no auction ) He gives you Ambrose's Secret Spell ( I havent come up with a name ) but a more power full item card that does 2000 damage to all, gives a 40% Weakness Gets rid of all their shields, AND puts an infection on everyone and at the dye shop you can change Gamma's glasses and hat . Well thats my idea Please Post if you liked it ( Or if you didnt :?)

Notes: I tried not to make Ambrose's secret Over Powered, but if it is just post and tell me. I'm also not sure if you should be able to rename gamma :?

Joseph Liferider Grandmaster Life
Joseph Sandrider Level 30 Balance ( Warlord )
Joseph Nightrider Level 27 Death
Matthew Starblood Level 20 Storm