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Idea for kingsisle

Mar 16, 2010
I think for the next game changing idea , players should be able to quest to a point where they are given a ultimatum to give up shadow spells and use the next high level idea(possibly pips of light) or keep the shadow pips leading into to different storylines that meet again. I think it would bring more diversity to the game and broaden the pvp playing field.(of course turning shadow and light spells into a class of their own. But wizards are only allowed to use 0ne or the other.)

Nov 14, 2015
Theye could change it to where the shadow bar is split half way and the other half is shining white light or something and those pips are a different color or something, 4 shadow and 4 light pips to include both since we're supposed to be equalizing chaos and order

Feb 19, 2010
why not make a shadow pip worth 2 power pips. So if I have one shadow pip and 8 regular pips = 4 power pips, I can use the Empyrea part 2 tree spell. And it will also help with the other spells, If I have two shadow pips that would would equal having 4 power pips. This can also be reversed to 2 power pips equal to one shadow pip.

Mar 16, 2010
I see that the all higher spells are becoming more strategic..the new tree spells are good they play good role ima a strategy to one shot your opponent...I hope the the next spell are a hit all condition too..like a hit all spell that can only hit enemies with dot or a stun...and have like insane after effects.