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Idea for Balance Wizards

Dec 08, 2012
Although I never had a balance wizard, I know how hard it can be for a balance wizard to solo enemies due to their blades and traps. What do ya think if balance wizards was able to have a 35% or a 40% balance blade that's ONLY for balance attacks? I think it would be rather easier for them if they was able to have a blade for their school only just like all the other schools does. Also, have a trap and shield that's also for balance damage only too. I think Kingsisle should make those kind of things for Balance wizards because it'll make it easier for them and it's unfair for balance wizards to not have a balance blade and balance trap that's only for balance damage just like all of the other schools have

Sep 17, 2012
It's not really unfair, they have the ability to blade/trap every school. Adding a balance only shield and blade/traps would make things harder for them, not easier. That might work fgor a balance that wants to only cast judgement and nova, but it really would just clutter their deck with unnecessary cards.

Jul 17, 2013
Very true I have thought about that + I am and that would BE GREAT

Jul 28, 2011
The mythical blade just for balance.....

It would be nice, but I am wondering if KI will give us that. As a balance, things were IMPOSSIBLE until I got enchants. Now I can use four different balance blades-
Balanceblade 25%
Balanceblade 35% (Plus the 10 enchantment)
Bladestorm 20%
Bladestorm 30% (Plus the 10 enchant)

Now that's only BLADES for BALANCE spell
I could also use two types of regular balance traps
Hex 30%
Hex40% (Plus 10 enchant)

And I didn't mention when we use chimera or hydra or spectral blast, we can use spirit traps and blades or elemental traps and blades. You can also enchant those.

But the most important thing besides enchants is FEINTS. You can enchant those too

Enchants basically add 10 to a blade or trap you choose. There are other enchants too, but those are most common. You get then in Azteca

A blade for balance would be interesting....We do get enchants at a higher level however, but it is a higher level :P
Hmmmmm I don't think KI has given us a response to balance blade or balance covert (A similar debate)


Dec 03, 2012
I like this idea. As a balance wizard myself, I find it very hard to solo and don't solo at all.

Molly level 83 balance wizard