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Icy Improvements

Jul 29, 2009
I DISAGREE BY A LOT! The ice has SO much good equipment and other things. I have a ice friend level 42 and he has 3170 life! That is more than some of my level 50 friends! They also get defense on there equipment. If they get more damage and all that then they should get worst equipment. Also, they get about the BEST school house.

Justin Spellrider Level 34

Jun 09, 2009
Ice is not weak just because its attack spells are lower than the rest of the schools. But ice has much more health and defenses that they can solo a lot themselves. I'm a Master Thaumaturge and i tend to go on my own more often. So don't go on saying that ice is weak and all those negative impressions. If this was "improvements" to ice wiz then i'd like to see those so called "improvements". I mean why bother telling us we have really low damage spells. You're not even an Ice wiz. How should you know?

Jun 11, 2009
I think ice is good just how it is , i saw a pyro mancer lvl 15 when i was lvl 12
and took all off my health giving equipment off and i still had higher health then him.

Mar 17, 2009
hey man your totally right. On my myth i lose to ice but i beat balance. And on my ice i beat warlords and balance all the time, thx to frostbite, steal ward, ice wyvern, ice armor, and my boosts. And also ice has like all the shields cause we have steal ward so we can steal shields we dont need so you just got pwnd offenders. Face it all classes have ups and downs

Jun 07, 2009
Preacher7719 wrote:
garyboy11 wrote:
Like take the most powerful move in the game. Wild Bolt. ( I am saying in terms of damage not usefulness ) If you use a Tower Shield, it goes down to 500 damage. Add a Storm Shield, it's now 100. Maybe a Broken Blade in there. Now 75. Now add their boosts. A storm Blade. About 98 now. Then an Element Blade. Now 132. A Dragon Blade. 264. And a Storm Trap. 330. That's not too powerful.

You have your math completely wrong. All blades from the attacker are mathematically done first, THEN with that total, the defender's shields are calculated to result in the final number that will be the damage. You reversed it. And you didn't include any traps.

The order of calculation goes: From the attacker - first casted item (buffs and/or broken blades) to last casted item; On the defender - last casted item (traps and/or shields) to first casted item.

Yes, Life has same damage as Ice. But not ONLY can they heal (many different heal cards they can cast not only on themselves, but on others as well), but their successful cast percentage is 10% higher than Ice. And they ALSO have an additional armor (Spirit Shield, aka absorb).

Ok preteacher it who cares about mathematical terms who wants that and then could ya stop slamming us all this is not smack talk town. Just because you think you're all good with this doesn't mean your the champ

Jul 26, 2009
Preacher7719 wrote:
catboy2197 wrote:
Preacher7719 wrote:
Cracky wrote:
I would also like to see a spell like fire has that does damage over time to all monsters.

What? You mean you don't 50 Ice Elves like all the Ice monsters carry around?
catboy2197 wrote:
I am an Ice wizard. I like Ice. The spells are a little weaker than other schools, but it has all kinds of defenses.

Not really. You have 2 kinds of shields: Ice Shield, Fire/Storm Shield, and Tower Shield. Practically everyone walks with a Tower Shield, plus they get the shield from their school (free at WC fairgrounds), and a combo shield (free in their school)

Ok, you aren't even an Ice wizard, are you? That means you don't know about the spells that Ice school gets only. That means you don't know about the Ice Armor spell. The one that protects you from 125 damage per power point. Yeah. Or the stun block spell. And by the way, you said two shields but listed three. How many shields does YOUR school have? Probably not as many as Ice. There are some that only Ice wizards can learn.

Don't make assumptions. I have an Ice wizard. I'll admit he hasn't gotten Ice Armor yet. But I will say that he is not likely to be using it as it would take ALL you pips away just for defense. By the time you build your pips back for your weak attack, you're just as likely to have lost that armor.

Stun block? who stuns in a PvE? No one.

I said 2 shields initially, but went back to add the singular Ice Shield that you get from the fairgrounds and didn't change the number.

My school? I have all the wizards. Balance has shields for every school except it's own. Guess that beats yours.

catboy2197 wrote:
Preacher7719 wrote:
We aren't talking about what to do in other schools to make up the shortcomings in Ice. He is asking for realistic suggestions to improve Ice school itself. The ONLY advantage you have is higher health. Your spell damage is weak and your spell success percentage is middle ground.

Ok, now you're just insulting Ice School. Higher health isn't the ONLY advantage. You're calling Ice's spell damage weak, and the "spell success percentage" is fine, it's as good as death school, and better than fire and storm. The only one with better percentage is life, and their spells are as good as ours. How could YOU know how to improve Ice when YOU'RE not an Ice wizard?

I'm not insulting the school, I'm just stating a fact.

And again, you're making an assumption that I don't have an Ice Wizard.

And you're wrong on your success percentage. Your percentage is 80%. Life is 90%, Death and Balance are 85%. Myth and Ice are 80%, Fire is 75%, Storm is 70%. So you see, you're tied with Myth and is middle ground, EXACTLY like I said.

Now, let's get back to the point of this thread. Do you have any suggestions that would improve the Ice school? If not, then say you like it as it is. Otherwise suggest something instead of yelling at me. I'm only pointing out the FACTS, not making assumptions (I don't have an Ice wizard) or spouting out misinformation (percentage same as Death).

Ok, you initially wrote 2 shields then went back and added another without changing the number. Why? Why did you not change the number? There is nothing wrong with ice. I wish you would stop insulting ice school. You could list bad things about any school, but why would you? Why not list the good things?

Sep 20, 2009
I totally agree! :D I am ice and i dont like the low damage. :x I fix them up but they never trun out like i want them to. I havent gotten the frost collosus yet so I dont know those damage numbers. I think there should be a better ice blade or trap or something so it also makes it fair to te oter school. Well . . . I dont know every school sort of has their own special spell like balance has judgemaent and all those blades and traps for all of the schools. Fire has the one spell that you get hit and the enemy gets hit times two. Get my point? I dont think that Ice has their one spell that is special that can hit a lot. Most schools has the x in the left hand corner where it says pips, and for ice, its an ice armor. That dosnt help, only for shild but ice does has tower. Only for shield but all the schools has shields so thats one thing. BUT THE ONE THING ICE HAS MORE than all the other schools even balance is their shields. So the point is that ice can only be good in one thing, shields. If you are ice and you agree, then you should agree. You dont have to but i think all of my ice friends agree. Merle or someone sould make a NEW ice spell. We thuramature or ice or however you spell the first one, need a new spell most life pick on me because they think I am weak. But i am not! I am an ice! And I am proud of my school, even though ice may be a bit weaker than the other schools, we are ice and we have a place to stand. We are the ice, te thurmatures :) .

Sep 20, 2009
Its me again I have something to add of what I said but I dont want to edit and junk. And I dont know how to edit yet, lol. What I need to say is that I have been an Ice for so long I am just waiting on frost giant and the pet for my last Ice thingI dont hope. What I mean by not hope is I want the ice spells to get a damage boost of ten by each spell. We Ice have A LOT of shield. I am afraid to say to much. But the other schools dont have as much shielding as us. So . . . if I could get a peek at their spells . . . . Well what I am saying is to see all of their spells that they use as SPELL QUESTS and the regular ones where everyone sees. The ice spell quests are mostly shields. I know I ave said a lot about shields, its just that I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW! Please tell other people! I just want this to be heard . . . . So people to know. I have not yet planned furthur ahead. But would that be to much change change for Ice but no other schools? Would it be fair? I dont know if it would be to much . . . change. The other schools could get some new gear looks and maybe a new look with something. I dont know just a suggestion for it to be fair.
~ Gabbrielle Silverdust ice level 46
PS. I edited this I learned :D

Sep 20, 2009
IamLezul wrote:
WaddleDeeMan wrote:
Alright, everyone keeps saying the Ice School is the worst (Unfortunately, I'm part of everybody). Their spells are weak, weaker than the Life School, who gets healing and things. All they can do is brace through the battle and shield themselves, and not attack very well. Even with Tower Shield, moves such as Balance's Judgement stacked with Hexes, Balance Blades, Bladestorms, Feint, Curse, the all new Dragonblade, Bam! Dead With the Tower Shield even. I am here because, although I am not an Ice student, my friend is, and I feel sorry for him when he always needs help, fails in PvP, and stuff. I want to wish a better gaming experience for him, Thaumaturges, and the School of Ice.

Alright, let's take the Level 6 Pips Spell Centaur with 90% Accuracy and 515-595 Damage. Now let's take the Level 6 Pips Spell Colossus. with 80% Accuracy and and 460-540 Damage. Ah, see what I'm saying? Same amount of pips as the Life School, but less accurate and less damage. Now, if it's less accurate, why also less damage? Is it fair? The Life School gets healing. All I'm saying is I think, and hope that the Ice School gets improvements.

Here's what we can do:
-Everyone in the Message Boards, please respond. I know all of you think the Ice School is the worst, and I want to help.
-Post your ideas in here on reasonable improvements.
-Post if you agree or disagree.

Here are some things I think the Ice School could need:
-Another shield similar toTower Shield, but to all allies.
-A bubble (like Sanctuary or Doom and Gloom) that makes 30% damage off.
-Stronger Spells.

Again, please post your ideas. What I mainly want is for all schools in the Spiral to be fair.

You say ice is weak, but you are overlooking some of the major things that ice can do. With proper planning you can do very powerful things with ice. No im not just saying that, i've seen it in action. Balance and ice combined is a good technique for pvp. Ice may be weak by itself, but together with a school like balance is not weak at all. Think about it, my buffing from my school, their buffing from theirs, plus tower shield, plus boost of incredible life, equals big damage, good strategy, and good game. but if you add death and life, then add healing, plus feint, which turns out to be a great way to win in pvp. So really, ice isnt bad at all. Some of my most powerful friends are ice. They are so great that they've won me most games.



I agree K.G. I have death first then balance and the healing, life of course. But to get lots of training pips . . . I mean more . . . you only get so far but if you add another set of quests or another world . . . but that is a different story. ;)
~ Gabbrielle Silverdust ice level 46

Jun 30, 2009
Really, Myth is probably the worst school.
- It's spells are to over-powered!

Ice is a good school. I've been with plenty of schools, and they all deserve something special. Mostly Life. Life spells are some-what weak. And they are SO much just to get it. At level 12 to get the "Natures Wraith" you've got to do Golem Tower. That's a lot for a low-level.

Jun 14, 2009
the ice students are ok but they have to much life i mean there health bar goes past 3000+ while fire students are 2000-2600 can you at least increse all other type of wizards life too