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Ice club

Jun 24, 2010
I will join! I am a devoted ice wizard with ice EVERYTHING (I ain't kidding!)
I am only level 16 but I have gone from 1 to 16 in a week! My friends call me the guardian of ice as we have a club with a guardian of every school, I will happily help higher and lower people than me.

keep on rolling ice!
Jose Seabreaker
:D - Guardian of Ice - :D

May 23, 2009
Jul 13, 2009
Revelations wrote:
Hey! have you gotten an ice sword charm? I'm level 26 and I dont have that charm yet.

You acquire the Ice Blade spell at level 38.

~~ Brian, Level 50 Ice wizard

Jul 13, 2009
Windlilly wrote:
I was just about to post a new thread about this till I found this one....

I'm a level 30 ice/death wizard named Sierra Winterbreeze. And you really do get the ice blade? NO WAY! I always thought it was one of those monster only spells like ice elf or ice shark (although you can get those with a treasure card). Wow I'm so glad. Ten more levels and I'll be level 40! And besides, if it's around 38, than most likely I'll still be able to get into that area. My sister is much farther ahead in the game than me. She's already pretty far in MooShu, so by that time she'll be able to get in there for sure!

And I think that you do get ice giant at level 48. but it's glitched or something. I'm not really sure.... :?

Well Yay for ice. :D Ice wyvern and Frostbite are my favorite ice spells that I have already learned. Yeah..... I think that's it.

~Sierra Winterbreeze, Crusher Crusher, Level 30.

Actually, you do get Frost Giant at level 48. You also get a pet Colossus. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. I'm going to finish reading this thread.

~~ Brian, level 50 Ice wizard

Jun 13, 2009
go ice woot woot

i just came from my storm grand, ice is awesomeness! i almost have more health then my storm grand and i only level 21!

ok lemme post all ice spells that i remember atm [sorry if mispell]i will say L for level then the level you get it at

L0 stun shield

L1 frost beetle

L2 freeze

L5 frost serpent

L6 ice trap

L8 volcanic shield

L10 snow shield and evil snowman

L12 ice prism

L16 tower shield

L18 ice armor

[sorry i dont know what you get for beating wizard city]

L22 ice wyvern and melt

L26 blizzard

L28 ice guardian

[again i do not know if you get a spell for beating krokosphinx or if you do what it is]

beating kt frostbite

L33 balefrost

[i do not know what the name of the sacrifice minion ice spell is called]

[dont know what you get from marleybone]

L38 iceblade

L42 colossus

L48 frost giant

HOPE I HELPED! and i'll edit the things idk when i discover them

Jun 15, 2009
woo! ice club booya! its about time. beware the ice wizards. we rule the city. we are the best. i'll be making topics about this so we can chat about what should go on ok so if you want to meet me, meet me in front of bartleby my name is blake moonbreath and in the GREY ROSE realm (our teacher) at six o clock on thursday/ september 17th cya there

Jul 12, 2009

We get ice blades at a very late level for some reason. I believe it is 38, but i could be wrong. Make sure you dont skip the quest because the blade helps a lot!

Hope this helps!

Cassandra Waterleaf Master Thaumaturge 44

Dec 12, 2009
Why do people think Ice wizards are the worst :? I am relly annoyed just because ice doesn't have attacks like storm deosn't mean we are horrible we have the best defense I am outraged

Feb 24, 2009
coolboy99 wrote:
Hiya well does anyone know if it is true that you get the spell Frost Giant at lvl 48? Let me know as soon as possible :) btw ICE ROCKS! :D :D :D :D

Yes plus Collosus pet

Dec 31, 2008
Im a level 58 ice wizard, and Ive been playing since the time before DS came out. I would be level 60, but questing is boring. Im more of an arena type guy. Im still a private, but thats because I normally dont do ranked. How did you guys build up your ice wizard? I made mine a elemental master, my main is ice, my secondary is fire, my third is storm. Do you think that was a good idea? Its worked for me so far, what classes did you choose? Ive also had trouble making a new character, its hard for me because no other class has the life like ice does. Can anyone help me with this problem? Also, if you ever want to have a pvp (Ill do any kind), just e-mail me at guinness199o@yahoo.com.

Cameron StormBreeze- Level 58
"Ice may not be one for attacking, but you make one mad and we have the storm quivering."

Jan 29, 2009
Revelations wrote:
Rats! I see hooligans have them, and they have no problems using them on me. Hey Prof. Ambrose, how bout a special one just for me to have? ;) I'm a good student .

ok so about that ice school DOES have a an ice bvlade but ... SADLY it takes forever to get