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I Need Help With Two Cards

Oct 18, 2008
I have two cards.One says Taunt and the other says Distract.I am an Ice Student level 24.I use the card and it doesnt seem to do anything,but when you try to buy the treasure card it's really expensive.What is the purpose of the card?

Jun 24, 2008
I had the same question when i was using it in Beta. This is only useful when fighting a monster with more than 1 person. Sometimes, you'll notice that the monster usually focuses on 1 player at a time. This will get tedious for the player that is being attacked constantly.

Monsters have something to them called threat levels. These levels keep going up and up each time you attack them. Some spells give the monster a higher threat level than others, but this threat level is what causes the monster to attack the certain player. It may be because that player used high ranking spells. It could be they used more spells than the other player did. So, whichever player has the higher threat level to the monster, the monster will attack them.

The Taunt and Distract spells give the monster more threat levels to them. Casting these enough times at the monster will cause them to attack you more than the other player.

I hope this answered your question. Make another post if it didn't and i'll try to explain it better.

Oct 18, 2008