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I have an idea!!

Oct 24, 2008
Some people on wizard101 say that they wish they could change there hair on wizard101! wouldnt it be cool If they had a hair salon?! and it would cost
1,000 gold to change your hair and 800 crowns if you want to spend crowns instead for it. some people might not agree with the gold and crown ammount it seems allot of people say they dont like there hair on wizard101 and it would be cool to change it! Anyone agree? any if you dont then please leave a kind comment or you dont have to leave a comment if you dont feel like it!

alright comment if you have a better idea or some thing!

~ Annabell7~

Sep 16, 2009
I deffinately agree on a idea like this but id also like it so maybe you could change your starting outfit and maybe even gender because some of the stuff at the beggining wasn't picked out timely like the starter outfit and hair so maye you could wanna change it. And maybe sooner or later give your account to your kids and if your a guy and your child is a girl you might wanna change your gender on that character. I dont think thats a option already... if it is i am sorry but i hope they take a look at this.

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