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I hate to burst your bubble about Wintertusk

Dec 23, 2009
Baldur goldpaws write this, I don't have anything with the massage

Baldur GoldPaws
Novice Wizard

6:00 pm

Messages: 7

Let me follow up with a little more information.

1. Yes, you will be required to complete Grizzleheim before you can enter Wintertusk.

2. No, there will not be a raise in the level cap.

3. Yes, players who are over level 58 will be able to obtain their pet.

4. No, the Selena Gomez quest/rewards will not be returning.

5. Yes, players who have reached Legendary will be able to obtain their new school spell.

6. Wintertusk storyline has nothing to do with the Morganthe story line. The horn in Grandmother Raven’s hand has no bearing on the prophecy.

Nov 10, 2009
UGH people first about morganthes prophecy with the horn, it probably doesnt have any thing to do with that. the updates said it is for all levels, it is the sequal to grizzleheim, and its a side world. there will be new spells and pets, but maybe not a level increase.

Jan 05, 2011
Even with no new level cap, a new world probably does mean another zeke quest which means another training point! possibly more than one if somebody wants a sandwich like that guy in celestia. -elijah darkthorn, grandmaster myth (and crew)

Dec 22, 2010
willwolf64 wrote:
Guys, I hate to burst your bubble about hoping Wintertusk will be related to CL and hoping for level 70, but it probably wont be related to Celestia and there probably wont be any new level cap. Why? Here are two reasons:

First, Lydia said that it will be available to ALL levels of Young Wizards. That means that this wont be part of Morganthe, because why would you go straight from a world straight for level 48+ to a world for ALL levels? That also means no level cap.

Second, in the picture of Grandmother Raven, that's not a horn. It's probably a tusk (hint the name Wintertusk). If it were a horn, the other end wouldn't be pointed.

I'm sorry for ruining the fun, but it's probably the truth. :x

ok now look sry for goning crazy here with a bunch of facts but lydia said that grandmother ravens appearence would solve many questions about the spiril and the all levels thing is probably just for fairness and if your not high enough level the world probably wont have many quest to offer yet. or it could just be that winter tusk could fit into the storyline for your wizard corresponding to your level. plus, a horn and a tusk are practically the same thing unless they are talking about the horn that you blow which is unlikily so it could be morganthes horn but grandmother raven keeps safe from her by saying its a tusk for the fact shes in winter tusk. ya you did ruin the fun for players that didn't really think about this, but for other players you didnt because they no your wrong and that YOU didn't think about this longer. you really didnt make since lydia saying all of that about her apperence and all. but we forgive you just next time instead of thinking your sooo right try to have some proof of what your saying honey. its like a BCR (Brief Constructive Respons) just next time think more about what ya post and have proof before you dissapoint people and get them heated. like i said earlier sorry for going off on ya just wanted you to have a more accurate turnout for some of your other post. reply to me to tell me what ya thought thanks and remember, next time, BCR!

Aug 25, 2010
If you want to find out who is right then wait for wintertusk to find out.you agruement is spoiling it for me and whose who don`t care about that stuff and just want to have fun with the game...

Just stop,okay?

May 10, 2010
Ok. To me i think that Wintertusk MAY have something to do with Celestia, but i could be wrong. But lets sit down and explain it all shall we? Now, we all know that Grandmother Raven had something to do with the creation of the Spiral. So what i think is that the parallel storyline of Grizzleheim is kinda like a "history lesson" so to speak. As the GH storyline continues, we learn more and more about the ancient story of the Spiral. Most of you are right; maybe Wintertusk will somehow connect to the Celestia storyline. I mean, think about it, KI doesnt make these side worlds for nothing right? Every world is a puzzle piece to something major. WT and GH are probably worlds that show us how the Spiral came to be. Ask yourself: How much do you REALLY truely know about the history of the Spiral??? Yes we know about the Titan Wars, Bartleby and Grandmother Raven creating the Spiral, etc. but other than that, how much do we really know? I think WT and GH kinda tie in with how all of this was possible. And as for the horn/tusk I do believe its a horn as most of you had said. It must have something to do with the deadly prophecy Moganthe had said in Celestia: The mirror will break, the HORN will call, from the shallows I strike, the skies will fall; then there was that evil laugh. I mean, hey, lets face it, strange prophecies chanted by evil witches usually mean something. Over all: WT and GH are tied into something bigger and more important than anything most wizards can imagine..........*dramatic silence*............

Ryan MistCaster~ Legendary Diviner <---love sayin that

Oct 11, 2009
WAIT! Guys, I think we had a misunderstanding about the horn. I wasn't sure what horn you guys meant. Did you mean a horn that you blow in or a horn that goes on a bull or something? Because it's clearly NOT a horn you blow in...

Aug 25, 2010
Most of you neigh sayers will get you just deserts.