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I dont always talk about clothes; but when I do.

Jun 17, 2014
When i do, they hang themselves, ba-da-tsh

alright, now that i have your attention, wizard101 fashion.

i know you want new outfits, but we cant just blurt out one trend off of this press, we gotta feed this crowd of supply and demand.

people want style, we want elegant, we want to shine, so lets discuss this.

i heard we want style. well best way to do style is get with a casual trend, i'm talking about, tanktop and jeans, shades, denim jackets, school girl blouse, and skirt, baseball cap, sneakers, casual boots, etc. i mean sure this is all mythical and magical, i mean we're talking about the fashion of the spiral! but what if you could just lay back, take a break from running around defeating evil and chill?

We want elegant, by that i mean the outfits with the school decals printed right into the fabric, everyone loves that, but the Marleybone's Clothing factory can only do so much, and not many clothes can get this treatment, so some schools are left out, some have more, it's a big mess. Well if you come by the Marleybone Clothing Factory, yourself, for a price of 50 Crowns a pop, we'll make ya scream O'leary, and we created even new ones, like the Shadow decal, and the Wizard101 logo decal. (only wizardcity gear can be, results may vary)

and lasly we want to shine, and what else than to have the dyes to do it? every gender will have red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, brown, purple, gold, white, silver, black. in it's light and dark variant, that's 24 colors! and just to knock those Krokotopian socks off of ya feet, Dye stores are spreading the spiral.

That's all we have it here for you today ya crazy hooligans, catch you later!

**All above is not fully authorized by the Wizard101, Pirate101, Kingsiles, INC and Company, this is all just wished thinking, do not try to spread this as a rumor for a brand new update, the people below will not be held accountable for Myth books being thrown at you for lying.**

Cameron Icemancer 91
Cameron Lightmancer 42
Calamity Moon 20
Flint Dragon 5
Scarlet Rose 14

Sep 10, 2011
i want yeezys in wizard101