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i cant decide!!!!!!

Dec 15, 2008
okay.When i first saw this game i went on this website , looked into it, and got hooked right away. i played the free trial and loved it.And a few days ago i got a subscription and started playing on my myth wizard.

I had got him to krokotopia when i saw some of the spells i would learn.i realized that with minotaur and orthurus (i go on the wiki) to buff them up i would have to put double of my buffs on to make them powerful.Then i saw that my lvl 48 spell only attacked ONE person, which made me think that maybe myth wasn't right for me.

So now i am asking for advice:should i keep my myth wizard or change to a new school?.I've decided that balance, ice, and death look like the best canidates. balance has a little bit of everything in it and almost unshieldable attacks.ice has good health and decent attacks.And death has lifestealing and fient, but the steal spells seem kinda weak.

So now ill say it again:should i keep my myth wizard or change to a new school?

You can have a maximum of six different wizards, to create a new wizard, push ‘New’ on the waiting room screen.

Aug 01, 2008
Gamma is right. Do both.

I'm in DS as a Storm wizard. But I've also got two other wizard characters in Myth and in Fire (just created). The experience is different for me than when I did Storm. Granted, all your basic quests are still the same but there are small differences which keep it interesting enough so that I don't feel as if I were repeating myself.

Feb 14, 2009
personally i dont like myth, for some reason myth hats me and fizzles more then storm, for me anyways, but if you need training advise i always train my wizard til ice-lvl 16- tower shield, and life-forogt lvl- satyr then i train based on my type, sense balance and life are the weakest it has shields against the strongest attacks :]

i started with ice, you ALWAYS want to have a partner throught the game it helps a TON, like if you pick storm, pick someone who is probably life(first choose) death(cause of traps) or balance(cause of blades and traps)

hope this helps

~Alex SeaSword-lvl 50 ice~
~William LotusStaff-lvl 45 balance~

Apr 09, 2009
May 19, 2009
currently i'm a level 15 death wizard and so far i love it. the spells are pretty cool as well if you like that kind of supernatural stuff