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How many Wizard characters do you play?

Aug 18, 2009
Greetings Wizards! I would love to know how many Wizard characters you play. Do you have a favorite one? What level are they? What school are they a part of? I am curious about all you students running around!


How many Wizard characters do you play?
One 11%
Two 17%
Three 17%
Four 13%
Five 11%
Six 30%

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Krokopatra wrote:
Greetings Wizards! I would love to know how many Wizard characters you play. Do you have a favorite one? What level are they? What school are they a part of? I am curious about all you students running around!

Ummm, you forgot a possible response:
More than six I'm addicted and have more than one personal account

I currently have 12 characters, and I have had more than half a dozen graduate (ie, deleted at high level to free up the seat for a new student). I have tried all the schools, at least one of each. Death is my perferred, as I found that the style of play works for me. Favorite is always the current character :)

Right now I am trying to finish crafting on a character. While I have several that have finished MS crafting quest, the DS quests are....long-winded. Over the last two quests you need 70 black pearls, and with a concentrated, directed effort it seems that you can get 2-3 balck pearls per hour of exclusive farming for them.

Mar 03, 2009
jcsandals here, been a while since i have responded to a post,
I answered 3 on the vote but i do have 6 wizards. Still think there should be 7 wizard possibilities do to each class. Anyways to the resonse of your post:

Have manly 3:
Death lvl47
Balance: just started this week lvl 30
life lvl 27
My Balance wizard is my favorite love the defence shields. Any plenty of training pips you dont have to waste on tri blade, and tri traps, the sec. class for him is ice. not going to give my secrets, love singles pvp with him

My sec. choice would be my life wizard. This charecter is good for supporting role with 2v2. agrevates many players to heal, like the supporting role, his sec. class is thunder to complement the lack of attack

my third is death for mainly main quest play. Cant seem to get a good system down in pvp, but love the wizard in in game play do to poisan effect and healling self while damaging. mostly because not alot of story mode monsters heal. MOST. Sec. class for him is myth to have a multi attack, which death lacks. exept for lvl 48 scarecrow. not there yet lol.

Good lob on the wizards, and keeping them balance, I dont believe there is one class that is better then another. Each one has it own strenths. Good job guys. Keep throwing curve balls at us. Good Job!!

Jun 28, 2008
i have 6 wizards that i play. my grandmaster is from the balance school. but i think my favorite is my death school wizard, lvl 42.

Feb 27, 2009
I have four, but usually ONLY play two. Well this is some about my main two:

Kestrel Ghostwalker(Favorite and my main main character):

School: Balance
Lvl: 50
Pet: Hydra(Stella)
Current World: Grizzleheim

Keena Firefountain:

School: Fire
Lvl: 19
Current Badge: UNKNOWN (lol i forgot)
Pet: Piggle(Honey)
Current World: Krokotopia

And thats like all i can think of.....

Jan 18, 2009
Hi, I have 4 wizards and I take turns playing them. I try not to have 2 wizards playing the same world, so that I get variety.

Morgan Moonwalker - Level 50 - Ice
Rowan Starbright - Level 35 - Life
Cheyenne Stormwalker - Level 26 - Storm
Jenna Mystrider - Level 27 - Balance

This is a great game!!!

Dec 13, 2008
Krokopatra wrote:
Greetings Wizards! I would love to know how many Wizard characters you play. Do you have a favorite one? What level are they? What school are they a part of? I am curious about all you students running around!

I have 3 students I really play, first my main guy Justin SilverDust level 48 balance
Second my storm guy Seth ThunderBlade level 38 storm
Thirdly my myth guy Lucas MythFist level 24 myth

Jun 17, 2009
i have 6

level 45 myth

level 30 balance

level 21 death

level 7 diviner

level 1 thurgust

level 1 fire

Jun 21, 2009
I have been playing for a few months now and have the following wizards
grandmaster fire
grandmaster life
master life
sorcerer level 15
death level 25
storm level 12
ice level 12
fire level 10
ice level 15
myth level 12
I started playing the game after being hit by a car and left disabled with my 10 year old boy so that we could have an activity to do together he has a grandmaster fire a master life and is working on storm wizard. i have also gotten my other four children into playing the game and we all enjoy it.
I have soloed the game with my fire and life wizard but find that i need assistance with my storm wizard do to the number of fizzes. I read allot of complaints about the amount of fizzes but i have come to think of it this way if you fizz you can use a higher hitting spell the next round that you couldn't use before it fizzed.
I hope that everyone enjoy's the game as much as i do and am more than happy to help out if your stuck on a quest or just want company playing the game.

Jan 04, 2009
I actually play 2 at the same time. 2 different account.

Account 1 consist of

Angel ~ Grandmaster Death.
Aaron ~ Magus Myth.

Account 2

Gabrielle ~ Journeyman Diviner.

I started using 2 account since I discover it was allowed.
I stop leveling Aaron and focus myself on Gabrielle.
And in all Gabrielle quests Angel has been present. Thank You KI for allowing wizards to play 2 accounts at the same time.

Dec 25, 2008
I play 6 characters. I've had others that I've tried. But if I'm not happy with how they're playing, look, etc, then I delete that character and start over. The other reason I keep low level wizards is because the quests in Marleybone, especially, are way too long. There are nights when I don't have two to three hours to get through say Katz's Lab or Big Ben. So, I run the lower level wizards until I find that free time.

Scarlet Windwalker
Storm Master Level 45 - currently in Dragonspyre
Pet - Mander

Tatiana Soulgem
Death Wizard Level 35 - Mooshu
Pet - Clockwork Golem

Keira Firegem
Fire Wizard Level 20

Destiny Icegem
Ice Wizard Level 15

Alura Dawnwalker
Life Wizard Level 15
Pet - Dark Fairy

Leesha Ravenwraith
Balance Wizard Level 15

I love my storm wizard for her ability to kill off several monsters with Tempest. Either because of her level or because of her clothes that I bought with Z-tokens, her level of fizzling is very low now. I've disliked the fact that she doesn't heal very well.

So... I just love Death wizards. Death Wizards have fairly strong spells and can heal themselves almost every round. I almost always use death as a secondary school for that fact.

Third choice is Balance wizard. Can't wait to see her in a higher level. I love the tri-shields and the low level of fizzle.

My least favorite schools are Myth, Ice and Life. Yes, I agree that there should be seven wizards available to each person - one for each school.

My favorite thing about the game is eventually getting a pet drop. I also look forward to the clothing. It would be nice to have wizardly-style clothing throughout all the worlds and I noticed that Zeke has few choices any more. Oooo.... I really really want more choices for facial features and more choices for hair styles, etc as well as the chance to change hair colors later on. Thanks!

Dec 30, 2008
i play 6 but wenshould be aable to play 7

yhis is my first ever post :-) :-) :-) :)

Jul 19, 2009
I have several going on four different accounts. My computer will actually allow me to pull up and play all four at one time. It's great. I log in to each account in the reverse order in which I want them to line up in battle so that the task bar order is left to right just as the battle order is. I think there are a total of nine currently active wizards. I have two that are level 33, five in the teens, and the rest are less than 10.

Of them, Rylee is my lead wizard. She is Balance and Life, and usually takes the lead if she is playing. Haley comes along on ANY adventure, she is Life and we pack her along on any and all quests to take care of the rest of the girls. She has her own castle, and we gather there occasionally so that I can go thru my accounts and stage a new group. The others range all over the school spectrum, but I do have one of each school finally. My Pyromancer is the one that is currently left out in the cold. She is only a free account. I will either have to subscribe her as well, or start another on a paid account in order to get her up to speed.

This sort of play works well for me when I have more than one wizard at the same level, because we can do the quests in tandem. It also works very well for farming, because we can dump whatever we get into the shared bank and spread the wealth around. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work so well for reagents, but I am hoping that in time........


Jul 01, 2008
May 15, 2009
I'd have seven if there were that many character slots available.

My "main" is Storm and is my soloing character.

My Death student duos with my wife's Death student.

The only school I do not have is Life. I want a Life student (my main chars in every other MMO I play are healers; I like the class) but my Storm student has trained in many Life spells and hence my skipping it.

For me and my wife, a game's replayability is in playing the game in different classes/styles, not grinding or daily missions.

If a seventh slot is ever added, I would create a Life student and that would be my grouping character.

May 27, 2009
Since maxing my Life wizard, I created several new wizards to try out the different schools. Now I am trying to max my Balance wizard with the assistance of the Death or Storm on the other account.

Dec 20, 2008
Krokopatra wrote:
Greetings Wizards! I would love to know how many Wizard characters you play. Do you have a favorite one? What level are they? What school are they a part of? I am curious about all you students running around!
hi krokopatra. i have many wizards, i think 5 wizards.
ok, here are facs about my wizards

#1. thomas giantcaller. (aka, the myth king)
level 43!!!!!!
curret badge: peacemaker.
type of school: myth of course

#2. thomas earthcaller level 4 :( curret badge: none. type of school: balance.

#3. shanon lifeheart. (my grandma's wizard. lol) level 16 curret badge: savior of wizard city. type of school: life.

#4. thomas windcaster.(who i will play when earthcaller is grandmaster) level 6 :( curret badge: hero of unicorn way. :( type of school: storm. :-)

#5. jordan icefoution. (my grandpa's wizard) level 5. :( current badge: hero of unicorn way. type of school:ice.

P.S. the olny one close enough to defeat you krokopatra is thomas giantcaller even know he already defeated you! lol. so expect not to get hurt by these wizards again. (unless one of giantcaller's friends need help to defeat you.)

Jun 28, 2008
I have 2 accounts which basically means i have 12 characters those characters are as followed.

Angel Dragongem
Grandmaster Thamauturge
Rank Veteran

Angel Dragongem
Grandmaster Diviner
Rank Private

Angel Dragongem
Grandmaster Sorcerer
Rank Knight

Angel DragonCaster
Grandmaster Conjurer
Rank Private

Grandmaster Thamauturge
Rank Private

Angela LifeGem
Level 49 Therugist
Rank Corporal

Angel DeathGem
Level 48 Necromancer
Rank Private

Angel Dragongem
Level 48 Pyromancer
Rank Private

Angel DragonGem
Level 28 Conjurer
Rank Warlord

Level 31 Sorcerer
Rank Private

Angel Dragongem
Level 1 Necromancer
Rank Warlord

Angel Dragongem
Level 1 Therugist
Rank private

Mar 27, 2009
3MYTH= LV 50 MY FAVORITE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 09, 2009
Right now, two:

My orginal:
Tristan Wintersong
Level 40 Theurgist
doing well in Mooshu

And I just started a second:
Mackenzie Moonwhisper
Level 6 Thaumaturge
just discovering Triton Avenue

I want to play a pyromancer and necromancer, too, at least, but it all takes time and I'm still relatively new to W101

Both of our boys, I think, have two each on of their accounts.

Oct 24, 2008
8) I have to wizards.

Jacqueline rosewhisper: Level 19
Vanessa blueriver: level 50

I dont have a favorite wizard even though i have a grandmaster i still like both!

Dec 14, 2008
EDIT: I have updated my characters and i wont be playing fire until i get all grand on my current char
I got seven one of each school I WILL TRY THEM ALL! to learn about their weaknesses and stregnhes
Chool121 main account
lvl50 ice main account Chris Emeraldfinder
lvl50 life main account Chris Rainbowcaster
lvl23 storm main account Chris Spellcrafter
lvl12 myth main account Wolf Winterstaff
lvl12 death main account Chris Deathpants
lvl28 Balance main account Gavin Spiritstaff
random1221 sub account (I never use)
lvl5 balance sub account

Feb 15, 2009
I play two or three. I will play my lvl. 30 most of the time and my others when I want something easy.

Mar 22, 2009
Krokopatra wrote:
Greetings Wizards! I would love to know how many Wizard characters you play. Do you have a favorite one? What level are they? What school are they a part of? I am curious about all you students running around!

I only have one but it is my most prized wizard. Richard RedRunner. Last time we met, I kicked your but! You should know what school I am.

School: fire
lvl: (it changed after i beat you) and it's lvl 43
name: Richard RedRunner
world i am in so far: DS (Dragon Spyre) i got to it two days ago.
favorite spell i have: helephant
favorite SPELLS i dont have: al the lvl seven, earthquake, storm lord, wild bolt

that's it. ill beat you again today. to see your school.

Jan 16, 2009
I share an account with my little bro
he has 3 wizardz i have 1

My Wizard:
Bailey Greenleaf Lvl.13

My Brother's Wizards:
Duncan Hawkdust Lvl.(i forgot)

Luke Skywalker Lvl.(i also forgot)

Trevor Redstaff Lvl.17