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How do you enable text chat?

Dec 14, 2008
I resently got reported for no reason and tried to fix text chat on my acount but it was a long time ago since i turned it on and i can't remember how could faculty please tell me how to enable text chat?

The answer to your question can be found in the Help & Support FAQ section:
If you are unable to use the chat function, it is possible that your account does not have Text Chat enabled. Accounts set up as over 13 players are able to use the Text Chat.

You may also simply have the Chat Bubbles turned off. You can turn the chat bubbles on and off by pressing the letter O on your keyboard.

If you have an account that is over 13 and can still not chat you might need to enable the feature. To enable you must login to Wizard101.com and select "My Accounts". Under the "Account Management" section login to your parental controls and click on the 'enable' button located next to the 'filttered text' option.

Text Chat for players with under 13 accounts can only be turned on by a parent/guardian over age 18. The parent/guardian must validate his/her age by buying a subscription or crowns with a valid credit card.

If you have previously been able to use Filtered Chat and no longer can access it, it is possible that you have been reported for harrasment or other misconduct. Please contact Customer Support using the "Ask a Question" buttonon the Help & Support page.