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How do wizards get famous????

Dec 18, 2009
Firefly555 wrote:
I would like to warn parents about some of these so called famous wizards. Dont let your children look up to them. I am sure there are some great ones out there but it has been my experience that the higher level people in the game are not so cool. They often call names and insult others. I even know of one that uses their status for character assasination. The children here look up to them and like movie stars some are not good examples and behave badly.

You're so right! One time I tried to add a lvl 50 when I was lvl 5 and he (Luke Skywalker, I loled at his name ) said "No way, noob! BTW, you wouldnt be considered wild. The only thing wild about your name is your face."

Jun 30, 2009
Gamma wrote:
Yes you can do that much damage, and much more.

As for someone 'stealing' your Treasure Cards, you are the one who accepted the trade as you saw it in the Trade window. If you are not happy with the Trade as it is shown in the Trade window, cancel the Trade.

If the person annoys you, you can Ignore them by selecting them and pressing Ignore in the Friends Panel. Easy as that.

Man you can do THAT much damage and more? Can a level 26 do that much damange

Jul 09, 2009
All these names people posted I honestly never heard of them. The highest was over the limit and was -8 million, but posting videos about those stuff doesn't make you famous. There are many people probably the same level as this Alex JadeRider person that have the exact same name and are the same class. I have a friend level 56 and I saw someone the same class that had the same name the only difference was his look and level, so really you cant get famous because someone can copy your look and name and claim that they are that famous wizard.

Aaron Drakewalker Level 60

Jun 11, 2010
sirtrevoro11 wrote:
Rose12345 wrote:
I have a question to all wizards. How do other wizards get famous (here's a list to show)? The famous wizards I've seen are:

Angel DragonGem (grandmaster ice student on youtube)
Chase Shadowalker (grandmaster life student on youtube)
Danielle DeathCaster (unkown lvl death student and Angel DragonGem's wife lol)
Alex Pearider (unknown lvl storm student on youtube who used wild bolt that hit over 5 million damage OMG)
Heather Rosepetal (grandmaster fire student spotted in arena defeated but was a hero) :(
Blake FireRider (unknown lvl fire who has annouced and filmed Angel DragonGem and Danielle DeathCaster's wedding which was SOOOO CUTE!!!

So how did they get famous (if you're my friend, don't worry, you're special)? Respond if you know.

OVER 5 MILLION DAMAGE! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? impossible! come on! NO spell can hit THAT much damage in one attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats with you? :(

Wasn't there some guy who did tempest with like 13 million? He even had this giant list of every last trap and blade to prove it. Or was it wildbolt? I forget. Anyways, me and my friend were talking about how to get the highest possible damage and this is my formula for something pretty dang high that almost any wizard could accomplish, eventually, with a few friends:

Balance Blade
Dragon Blade
Storm Blade
Elemental Trap
Storm Trap
Elemental Blade
TC Hex
TC Curse
TC Balance Blade
TC Storm blade
TC Elemental Trap
TC Storm Trap
TC Elemental Blade
TC Feint
and then use a TC STORMZILLA!!! Plus if you had a high damage boost from gear and a few wards that I don't know of (though I think I got all the one's that would affect storm attacks). Oh! and maybe an Astral spell that boosts damage for 4 rounds the round before you attack, and a gargantar on the Stormzilla.

Jun 06, 2009
Youtube + Arena + Supportive friends = A fairly large fanbase.

This doesn't make you famous, it just means you have a large fan base on an online game. For example, on Halo you've got those fancy Pro MLG players. They participate in enough of those events in which they get known and make lots of friends or gain support there. It doesn't mean they're known all over the world; considered famous for that matter. But in the game's terms I guess you would say so.

Feb 16, 2009
hey it's Wolf dragon:main account fire lvl 51 and counting, i'm friends with fiona ashblood (one millionth player) she is fire and i forget her lvl but she is around the teens or twenty some thing she is not a subscriber. she has the storm mansion from the crown shop and likes the tiger mount and named it lilly she also has dragon wings from the dragon hoard pack she loves a bunch of different outfits and loves adding stuff to her house she has 2 favorite pets sir jack: a krok from krokotopia and a fire cat named something honey if you dont believe me she is one of my friends irl and i know she is the true one millionth player all the others are fakes or just happen to have that name

Jul 08, 2009
lol I'm trying to be famouse for the crazy dragon lady and proud.

Jul 08, 2009
Yankees15x wrote:
I am Alex Pearlrider and Alex Jaderider.
Pearlrider is Grandmaster Storm, also the 5 million damage was a long time ago, my most recent was nearly 19 million damage.
It's funny, because no one pays attention to Pearlrider, I only am known to be famous as Alex Jaderider.

If you're storm, that explains everything, actually. My dad is storm, and he once got up to 100,000. So no suprise, but I can see how that comes as a shock to everyone :D

Mar 06, 2010
1. Make great Wizard101 youtube videos (high hits or low hits or something like that)

2. Run a great blog

3. (goes with 1&2) hold contests and parties

Feb 15, 2009
Personally, I think being famous could be a bad thing with endless pesterings of "Can you help me?" "Can you help me?"

i'm not saying it's a bad thing, though

Apr 07, 2010
KI didnt make the game for people to get famous! They made it for people to have fun! It doesnt matter if you are really popular or famous. I have been playing for two years almost and i havent met any so called 'famous wizards'. I am in a friends youtube video of W101 and that wont make me famous! I think people that make youtube videos imagine themselves as 'famous' in W101 because on youtube millions of people could see them, but thst doesnt make them exactly 'famous'.
I hope this helped people who wonder how you become famous on W101 figure out that you dont need to be famous! It is just a game!
Morgan Fireblood magus pyromancer

Jun 16, 2009
Youtube+ Dressing fashionly+Boring pvp+Having girls (some of them)= ?

Lol i didnt know ill think soon ^-^

Jan 03, 2010
I'm not even partly famous, am I?

My strongest hit was over 1000 damage though, with a phoenix, and a few blades and traps.

I know absolutely NONE of these famous wizards.

See ya in the Spiral, Matthew IceFlame

Aug 18, 2010
Yankees15x wrote:
Gamma wrote:
Yes you can do that much damage, and much more.

As for someone 'stealing' your Treasure Cards, you are the one who accepted the trade as you saw it in the Trade window. If you are not happy with the Trade as it is shown in the Trade window, cancel the Trade.

If the person annoys you, you can Ignore them by selecting them and pressing Ignore in the Friends Panel. Easy as that.

Ty Gamma. I knew friending you in Test realm was a good idea. :P

So yes people it is possible, and the max damage that I have reached was... 18,966,212 damage. I have also found a way to make it 25 million damage, so do not say it is not possible.
what! 25million damage how does it reach that high!!!!!

Jul 20, 2009
One time, I saw Zac, Cody, Chelsea, and someone else in the Commons on my Fire legend. I was gonna say "I've seen your videos a few time" but they ported away because some people were false reporting them.

Sep 30, 2011
Ok, I'm going back to the original question

Wizards can't get famous on this game in my opinion... there's too many people and nothing to get famous for - everyone does the same thing

Destiny LifeGem