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How did you start wizard101?

Mar 05, 2013
I had been playing on another gamesite since 2009 that will remain unnamed, who rewarded progress in their various games with a thing called Trophy Points. As of 2013 I was in 8th place in the entire community in terms of total Trophy Points. However I was getting extremely bored with the site. New game content was repetitive and got to be very boring. The social networking aspect of the game was disgusting and very annoying. Also, game advancement became increasingly dependent on spending real money on their Virtual Currency. So I was looking for a new gamesite. One day at work (I own a small irrigation business) I actually had to go into the field and do some manual labor. To make a long story short I stepped in a hole and broke my ankle and was going to be house bound for many weeks. When that happened I called one of my employees who was also a gamer and asked him for a recommendation, and he recommended Wizard101. I signed up, loved it from the start, and here we are. :D

Jun 18, 2012
I remember my mom showing me the website. She wanted me to try it. I recognized it. I created my account and played wizard101. It was great, then I took a break, and started playing it again. I met lots of wonderful people and had lots of fun. And why not say hahaha or lol every now and then. I have a state test coming up that I am very nervous about. Until the test, I think I'm going to study a lot, so I won't be on much. Kind of sad, but I will have all summer to play. :D

Brittany - a girl who always thinks about giving up, but doesn't

Mar 19, 2011
I started in 2009 after a few days of my friend begging me to make an account and we played together for a while and it was super awesome.