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How about another Balance Global?

Apr 04, 2012
Hi everyone,

It kinda bugs me that every other school has a global spell that boosts attack damage except balance. Fire, Ice, Storm, and Myth all have them as trainable spells in Ravenwood, and Life and Death have them on item cards on pets (i.e. brown spider and red ghost). Why does balance miss out on all the fun? Power Play, the only global spell in balance up to this point, only boosts power pip chance, which becomes completely useless once you get into the higher levels. KI, do you think you could make a global item card on a pet or something that boosts balance damage, like you did for life and death?

Kieran SandTalon

Aug 06, 2013
Yes, I agree! Balance is missing out. I was alittle mad, especially that it can help the enemy.