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Housing Limits

May 06, 2010
I was just curious about this, and many of my friends are as well. On Wizard101, we get huge houses, but only 250 items. I do understand that it's a lot to process and sometimes there can be lag but still. I played a few different games (Not giving names) That had houses that were tiny compared to the houses on wizard101. These houses also had limits of items varying from 5000-9999. Even though nobody ever makes it to full maximum items, it never seems to lag that bad. Wouldn't it be nice to have atleast 500+ items for our houses? All of you creative wizards can be able to build so much more than you could with the maximum room of 250. (If not less in the smaller houses) Wizard101 is definately the greatest game I have ever played, and making a minor update like this would only make it better.