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Housing ideas .....

Sep 28, 2008
These are just a few ideas for houses I'd like to see;

1) Time of day package.

A revolving time of day that goes from sun up to sun down.

2) Storm Package.

Not everyone likes to have a sunny day where they live. Every now and then its nice to watch a storm with lightening.

3) Swords of Mooshu display.

We work hard for our collections, this display would allow us to show off our hard work and "brag" about it. The display would be linked so that every time you won a sword in a drop it would appear in your display. Thereby allowing all to see just what you have worked hard to get.

4) A "Pet Kennel" or "Pet Holding Area"

Okay, allowing our pets to run around our home may be too difficult however if you can contain an area that would allow them to co-exist in harmony with each other inside a small fenced in area that would be great. Thus the idea of a "pet kennel" or "pet holding area".

5) A contest. What? Yes a contest. Have your members, Kings Isle, submit a drawing of what furniture they would like in their own houses. Designs would range from the different rooms and winners would receive that piece of furniture plus a "Designers Plague" for display in their homes. The furniture would then be available at the crafting stations for others to make.

6) A wardrobe that works. Wardrobe being the older term for closet here not the outfits themselves lol.

I know this is a long stretch however, I felt it worth a shot. A wardrobe where you could see and have on display the "special outfits" that you have won on your way up from level 1 to GrandMaster.

Just some ideas

James DreamRider

Jun 14, 2009
Hi James! My house in DragonSpyre has dragons flying around in a night sky as opposed to a sunny day :) I am storm too :) Check out the houses in DS and maybe you will find something you like better :)

Rowan Wildblood

Sep 28, 2008
TheStormWitch wrote:
Check out the houses in DS and maybe you will find something you like better :)

Rowan Wildblood

I did and thanks but the only problem with the houses in DS is that the graves for my death wizard look like they are sitting on a concrete slab. No grass and you can't put grass there either. The closest place I have found is the smaller MB house for death with its night sky. Add a few graves in the grassy ponded area and it looks cool, along with a smoking pagoda I believe that Koto drops it gives an eerie smoky graveyard effect. Add a few dead trees and trash the inside of the house and you have a perfect Death Manor. However, I was looking for an alternative to the Happy go lucky everything is sunny environment we can't seem to get out of. True the houses in DS at least look cool but the fact is there is no effect that we can add that gives then a personal touch for what ever wizard buys them. What I was looking for was to see the effects that our torches had on the ground as in shadows cast and eerie effects if the time of day package was installed or the effects that the outside objects shadows would create if lightening were to be added.

I do appreciate your time and thank you for posting :)

James DreamRider