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Housing Idea and Friends List Idea

Sep 20, 2008
Well I was thinking about some of my past friends . I miss my friend Autumn Ruby Most! So I thought maybe it would be a good Idea if on your friends list there was a tab that says search. Then a drop down menus for the name comes up . After you get there name in it asks you which school then between which levels ( 0-10 , 10-20 , 20-30 , 30-40 , 40-50)
Then A list of people can come up and then the one you click on you see there status. I think it would be a awesome idea. Then if they are online they will give them a friends request. Just think about it. I think everyone loses a close friend!

Now a housing idea would be to put your house on a public list per server ! Cause then that would have to end the " PARTY AT THE LIFE TOWER "!
So there are a few good ideas .