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Housing... Housing... Housing...

Feb 07, 2009
I went to a Player's Owned House, I went in and I saw something majestical, A Death Shield hung from his wall. I thought "How did he get it"?
I wanted to know because it would look good in my House and that Death is my school, He can't remember so I am asking All you smart Wizards and professors to tell me where to get it! Thank you.

Adam FireRider
No Title, Only Master Necromancer
Level 41
See ya in the Spiral

May 28, 2009
You get them from various boss drops. I don't know exactly which ones. I started seeing them show up in my pack towards the end of KT and beginning of MB. So, it could be either. It seems that there are shields for each school. I have started a collection. I almost have a complete set! Good luck and just keep defeating those Bosses.

Dec 23, 2008
I got a fire shield after completing the quest "A Heck of a Spell" from Dalia Falmea. (Fire lvl 18 ). :D

Dec 20, 2008
I got it! when you at lvl eighteen you get a quest from your teacher that allows you to get the shield, therefore you or I (sadly) cannot get it.javascript:emoticon(':(');