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Housing Game Improvements Ideas

Oct 23, 2011
I think that when people first join a WildFire Tag game they should automatically be elves until the next game. It gets really annoying when people keep joining when the game is about to be finished, and it's also unfair because some people endure the whole game while some join when there are 2 people left. Twice before I joined a game and won the second I joined. Although I was glad to win, I realize it's unfair to everyone else.

Another problem is people starting the game. As you may know, only the owner can make the game public. People constantly start the game when you're trying to host public games. I've come up with a few solutions:
  • Having the ability to choose to let others start the game or not
  • Having the ability to choose to always set games to public when anyone starts it
  • Having the ability to loop games so they automatically start again when they end
  • Having the ability to choose which games people can start

I hope you consider these; they would help a lot.