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House Monsters

Dec 19, 2008
Ok. Just imagine if we could buy monsters to put at our houses. That would be cool. I think anyway. But, ya just imagine if you're really bored and you don't feel like doing all these quests you have. You really feel like fighting a certain monster because they're easy to kill or maybe a challenge. Wouldn't that be cool. I really want this to happen in the game. It would make me play a lot more than i do.(which is like at least 2hours on weekdays and about 5-10 on weekends.) Just think about it.

Feb 15, 2009
I agree I also think when you buy them you should be able to set they're deck like not completely but choose if they can like heal and if you let them like choose the amount of pips they are allowed to heal with like from 0 to 4 pips on healing spells.

Dec 19, 2008
I knew someone else liked my idea. I KNEW. And i like your's too that would be cool to pick their spells especially if you want it challenging. It should cost at least 100coins a spell and at the most 1000coins depending on the spell. It should also be a certain amount for each monster. We know that'll happen but i'm just saying. You should also be able to get the monster if you beat it a certain amount of times. Like the Troll in cyclopes lane should be beat around 10-20 times so you can get one for free. other than the cost of mana.

May 31, 2009
i like the idea of havin house monsters. maybe, just MAYBE we could also earn some xp and a little gold from them to? i'm broke lol i want a royal lioness