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House minions

Aug 17, 2010
Don't you ever want to fight a boss at your house?If so,you put it down right here! On this forum...thing.here's what it has to have! Opening speech. Beaten speech. health. spell list. school. rank. speicies. cheats(optional). area in or out of castle. castle name. where you bought the castle. and name. you can also make minions! I'll post mine now. Duskmoon rnk.6 boss location:In the playhouse. castle:royal playhouse bought it at:wizard city shopping district. health:2500 speicies:ghoul school:death opening speech:oh,hi,didn't expect any visitors....oh well,come on,fight me! I dare you! beaten speech:Ugh..I need some rest. spells:feint,ghoul,life sheild,deathblade,death trap, wraith,skeletal pirate,vampire,banshee,death oni. you can make your castle a dungeon if you want! Be creative. There are no bad ideas. Think and post many bosses and many enemies!Its the perfect place to!Have fun!