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House Maid Idea

Aug 03, 2010
So I was looking at a Thread about bosses to guard your house and i'm remembering all my dead plants so wouldn't it be cool to have a housing item that's like a mob to clean up and entertain guests like you could have a colossus to play some music or something and a mander to entertain your guests like they required a salary of gold automatically deducted but they like had specific purposes such as tending to your garden while you were gone but the plants harvest would be less as some goes to the groundskeeper and like there were some who collected reagents and stuff over time to make what you request and some who will find you some things of course I don't think they should be cheap and they deduct some gold if you don't have any they deduct what they missed when you do so they like do some work at your house so if your computer breaks you don't have to worry about dead plants and stuff like that

May 11, 2011
There are solutions to these issues already in play. Gardening has treasure cards that can keep watch over your garden for a few days. These can be purchased in the crown shop (Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack). You would not need to purchase a Colossus to play music to entertain. Seek out the housing item vendor in the Shopping District. I believe the music player is only 1,000 coins, and that can play the scrolls of the spiral. As for games, those are also able to be purchased in the crown shop, such as Food Fight and Tag.

Aug 03, 2010
I know about that but I think it'd be cooler to have a creature walking around doing stuff