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house idea

Apr 27, 2009
i think there should be a one room house that everyday it grows a new room the maximum amount of rooms should be 50 and there should be a HUGE yard
and a 1 portal thing per room hidden behind secret passages and 5 story towers 4 towers one for each corner of the house each tower room will be about as big as rattlebone's room with front gates that you can only open by pressing x but only the owner can open the gates it should cost 60,000 crowns or 100,000 gold it is only available at the shop icon on the top left corner of your screen plz KI approve of this message i worked for 10 minutes typing it
plz add additional ideas and even criticism
~ John Starflame lvl 40 pyromancer

May 04, 2009
i like your idea but it sounds a lot like my build your own houses idea. keep on with the ideas.

Megan master pyromancer

Dec 01, 2010
50 rooms! There isn't a house that comes close to that right now in the spiral. It would be a huge palace.

I do like the idea of building your own place. I do think however that it will be along time before we see this happen.