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House Defenders!

May 21, 2011
Hey, I was thinking that, in your house you could have like street monsters!
So, say you have a DS house: you would have DS creatures roaming in it!
I think that these creatures should be named 'House Defenders'
To come with that there should be a sigil in your house out side a room (if you have got one to spare) and you could have your very own boss in there!

I think a reasonable price for these things are:
100 crowns for each type of roaming animal ( they come in groups of 5, limit: 20) 250 crowns for a boss (limit: one boss)
For your boss: you could choose what type of creature it is what it looks like and stuff (it can even be a wizard, if it is all the faces seem a little more mature) if you are 38 - 47 you get 1 cheat 48 - 57 you get 2 cheats 58 - 70 you get 3 cheats
My boss:
Name: Safari Sunleaf
Race: Lioness
Clothing (if any): Super Bundle outfit
School: life
1. Summons minions ( the thorn paw loins in the Savannah)
2.Puts up 90% tower shield, only way to get rid of is to heal
3.If you heal she shouts: "You heal i heal and thats the way it goes!" and does a rebirth even if it isn't her go (no absorb)
Cards: Forest lord, Gnomest,Rebirth,Saytar, Centuar, Sprite, Unicorn, Lepricorn, Feint, Reshuffle, Life blade, Spiritual blade
What would your boss be like?
Its good for you

Jun 10, 2009
Jun 16, 2009
The Black Wolf
Rank 12 boss
Health: 100,000
School: balance and death
Cheats: If you heal he says: Heal with more eh? I attack! (He uses Ra if you heal) If you use a polymorph he will take away your polymorph and he will say: "Polymorph will never make you powerful! I'll take it!" (he becomes the polymorph that you were but the health never changes)
When he is defeated he will say: "Enjoy your stay, friend of master Wolf."
Minions: Rank 10 Elite
Health: 2,500
School: Death, Life, and Balance and Myth
Kind: Dragon with a sword
Name: Dragon guard
Spells for black wolf: Judgement, Wraith, Chimera, Ra, Balance blade, Scarecrow, death blade, death trap, hex, and curse.
Spells for Dragon guard: Minotaur, Death Minotaur, Life Minotaur, Judge ment, Wraith, Scarecrow,Skeleton dragon, satyr, rebirth, forest lord, earthquake, medusa, mythblade, lifeblade, balanceblade.
Thats all! Thanks for reading!

Oct 13, 2008
No because i like to go to my house when i want to to talk with multiple friends at once and i dont want to be bothered with bosses and mobs roaming around maybe if they were just for looks

Jun 16, 2009
AZswampy wrote:
No because i like to go to my house when i want to to talk with multiple friends at once and i dont want to be bothered with bosses and mobs roaming around maybe if they were just for looks

You know the owner could just put the monsters/boss off or on. Just saying.

May 02, 2009
Mar 20, 2009
Hey Wizards!
Daniel angleward here!

I love the idea first off.

I would just like to add one thing to your suggestion.

What if they have pass words?

So you can make a password for your boss so you don't have to fight him and people you don't like must!

So like say, you enter your house all is fine when you encounter your boss to ensure you for a password! You could only make the password once and may change it ever 12:00 hours. You would get 3 tries to guess the password but if you get themm all wrong you have to battle him even if you createdd him and you can't just flee to try and see if they will let you type in the password again, no you have to battle him till you can beat him.

Also have modes, attack modes and friend mode where he don't attack.

Attack mode would be his:her regular boss mode with a purple mode and school. Or friend mode where his name is green, and justsits there like a statues.

Like it? Give sum feedback!

Now my boss :)

Class: Ghost knight
Name: the black knight
School: Death

Cheat:First: When you are done attack I will, must attack every round or else he will attack with dr Von, but if you do attack he will just pass. Also! Shields? Bah! Those are for babys, then he will get rid of your shields with earthquake, no matter when then will wraith with colossus. Same goes with blades.

Weakness is death and life has no minions.

Cards: Dr von wraith and earthquake.

That's it enjoy!

Explore on!