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House decorating tutorials

Aug 20, 2011
With the latest housing update, I have heard several people compare wizard houses to the animal show Hoarders.

Right now, I have to agree with them. The formula most people seem to be using: lots of random trees and all the pets they ever owned. And this passes for a decorated house somehow?

Can we put together some simple tutorials for people so they can see what looks good, and give some basic ideas of how to construct a room, a yard, and so on?

Oct 15, 2013
I like this idea. They could even bring in the voice of their real estate agent who pitches a few such ideas (like a room being good for trophies or a corner of the property in desperate need of vegetation) during the housing previews to narrate the tutorials.

I'm assuming you mean in-game tutorials, not in the forums which would probably work better in a different board anyways.

Jul 28, 2011

I am sick of going to castle tours to find nothing but a room full of 100 something pets :P

Although KI did mention they were going to fix castletours, so we are more likely to go to a better home to rate instead of near empty.

Aug 20, 2011
Here are some quick lessons the Real Estate Cat-Lady could share with us:
  • Basic Living Room
    learn to create an inviting living space

  • Basic Garden
    learn to create a sectioned-off garden area and maximize energy use

  • Basic Forestry
    learn to match flora to create a more authentic forest look

  • Feng Shui 101: De-Clutter the House!
    learn to use space and simplicity to make your home more pleasant

Mar 05, 2013
I kind of quit taking Castle Tours because most of the Castles I visited were either sparsely furnished or so crammed with random stuff that it gave me a headache. Waste of time. And quite frankly I feel the same about some of the Top Rated Castles I've visited. It makes me wonder who is doing the rating. Don't get me wrong, people can decorate their homes as they see fit. I'm just not going to waste time visiting them. I try to keep my castles relatively organized and themed. My Celestian Observatory is almost 100 percent Celestian. I have a few pets there but not an overwhelming amount, I kind of spread my pets throughout my 6 castles (7 counting dorm room lol). But hey, as long as people are having fun with their living spaces I'm good with it.