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Honestly, its getting annoying

Jun 01, 2009
I have noticed some quests, where it does not allow you to say the words in the quest title. It is kind of annoying, because when questing with someone you sometimes have to tell them which quest you are on, and sometimes it won't allow you to say it. Some examples of these quests would be:
'Twas Brillig- it does not allow you to say 'twas
A Wee Bit O The Brogue- it does not allow you to say wee
Deja Vu- a particularly hard one, as it will not allow you to say any of the words
I'se the B'y- honestly I know this is supposed to make sense somehow, but to my mind at the moment it was utter nonsense that I could not manage to tell my friend

I apologize that these all happen to be Avalon quests, but I just happen to notice that more in Avalon for some reason. Also I believe it should allow us to say 'fleed' as in, the past tense of flee. I think we should be able to say all the names of quests. (perhaps not the "kiss from a rose" quest, though, and the "four + 20 blackbirds" quest)

-Jasmine Owltalon, level 95 myth

Dec 20, 2010
Sep 17, 2012
Mar 10, 2009
Jun 01, 2009
seethe42 on Dec 16, 2013 wrote:
Use menu chat then, it lets you choose from the quests you have. Or get open chat.
:P for some people it is impossible to get open chat at the time. Also, it would be more convenient if we were able to say the quests, rather than taking like 2 minutes to find it on menu chat. Also, some people have so many side quests that the quests on menu run off the screen, and you are unable to say your quest.

-Jasmine Owltalon, level 95 myth