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Feb 07, 2010
well I love all of wizard101's homes. You can ask my mom. She's constantly asking me why I can't stop touring houses. Anyway, one of my ideas for a house is a bartleyby home. I know you're probably thinking, "That's really dumb because there is only one Bartleby and he lives in Ravenwood." but that's not what I mean. You know how the death house is an actual living house? Well that's how the Bartleby house should be. But instead of Bartleby, it's a sort of cousin or brother. I also think it should give prizes, like the Amber estate does with the dragonfly or the Acropolis with the minotaur. There should be a kind of hidden room and it should be called "the heart of the tree", where you can get a prize every day. But a house this nice should be in a bundle, right?

Mar 28, 2011
It would be tough to top the crafted tree house. That one is so wonderful. I like the gift idea though.