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Holiday Goodies. The Ghost Towers.

Aug 11, 2013
Professors? We REALLY need a 4th tower added to the Ghost Towers for halloween goodness next year. For Prometheans. Because frankly? The Master Tower just isn't that difficult for the higher levels. I'm level 85 in my storm. me and some random death wizard just ran it, in about 8mins flat. For those with lower levels, like my level 22 and my level 35...yeah it would be very difficult, but it's just not that hard for the higher levels. I'm really, really glad the towers are back. I've been looking forward to them since last month but as I said. need a new tower for the high levels. Either that or recode the master tower so it adjusts the level and power of the users. Like the Spiral Gauntlet and other various card bought gauntlets do.


Aug 20, 2011
I agree, the towers are really fun and a good opportunity to mingle, but it's just not much of a challenge after Celestia.

Dec 12, 2012
Yes, a 4 th tower would be nice for higher level wizards. What would really be nice is if they could change up the holiday quests from year to year. The Halloween quests are the exact same ones from last year, sadly NOT so much fun.

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