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Higher Rank Spells Part 2: Spirituals

Jul 01, 2012
Heylo everyone! :D this is the part 2 to my part 1 on possible new higher rank spells. On part 1 I discussed spells for Ice, Fire, Storm, and Balance. Here on Part 2, I will be discussing spells for Life, Myth, Death, and Moon School. Without further delay, here they are:

: Green Giant (Ho, Ho, Ho!) I'm just kidding haha
Light (Life doesn't have many attacking spells, so why not a spell where it's never the same? Well, ok, it would have to be the same eventually, but what if the spell had like 5 *or less* possibilities? A mask would just fall on the floor out of nowhere, and then light suddenly appears through it's eyes, then suddenly a figure forms, and whichever figure that forms, does an attack. So like some possibilities could be a Fairy, a Butterfly *idk it's 3 am, leave me alone* an actual ball of light, a wildroot, or a new character we haven't seen before! I understand that this would be extremely difficult to animate, but it' just an idea :] )

: Hercules. ( I mean come on, how cool would that be?)
Atlas ( he could be holding the world and look all exhausted, and just kinda throw the world at the target)

: The Headless Horseman (Like, please! Oh my gosh, please! please! please! please! please! pleeaassee!)

: Magician Polymorph (Anything magician related, so like, card tricks, or taunting, or beguiles, or the spell that covers up a shield you cast on a team member/self or a trap you cast on an enemy etc., pulling a bunny out of a hat :| )

If any of the spells actually already exist, and I am just oblivious to that fact, please, don't be shy to put me on blast XD
For Elemental spell Ideas, please leave your comments on part 1, just so that there is a maintained structure and ease for everyone to read :]
Please! Share your ideas for spiritual spells!! I want to see what other spells everyone is dying to have in the future! :D

Heather NightGem
Level 76