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Higher Rank Spells Part 1: Elementals

Jul 01, 2012
Hello there :D First off, I would like to say, Bravo Kingsisle. As you hear constantly, you have all done wonderfully spectacular with the game :] Now, there is no pressure to hurry, this is just a topic to look at for when the time comes once again to allow wizards the chance to become a higher rank (If you decide on a possible level up past 100) and for them to learn higher rank spells :D So I thought that it would be a fun topic to discuss here, what everyone thinks the new spells should be for each school, whenever the need for the creation of new spells arrives, that way, KI has some input from us on what we'd like to see :D

Here are some spells that I thought would be cool for the elemental schools:

: Avalanche Gobblers (why gobblers? idk, first thing to pop into my head) climbing a mountain, one hits the wrong spot and, Avalanche!
Santa! :D (He could like pull out a present from his bag, open it, and out pops an elf that! thaaattt! that... hmm... does stuff! O.o or Santa can just run them over with his sleigh, that works too :|)

: A fire Goddess ( Fire has a lot of overtime spells.. it seems to be their specialty, and when its not an over time spell, it's an all attack spell, and there aren't that many single attack spells, so, let's give fire a special single attack spell! What if she creates fire balls and can throw them :o and each fire ball is more damage! to avoid a long animation, she cold probably throw three and it'd be like 200 the first one, 400 the second, and 600 the next?! *that's 1200 damage so don't say that it's weak :P* ) idk, just a thought :]

: Benjamin Franklin?? (I don't know of many storm characters, but since death was able to get Dr. Von to create Creature and use him as a spell, maybe storm could have one of it's characters re- enact Benjamin Franklin flying a kite in a lightning storm to summon a lightning strike?! :D)

: A Mummy (Some MB explorers would dust off a sarcophagus and the mummy would blast the top open and attack the target)

If any of these spells already exist, and i am just oblivious to the fact, then feel free to put me on blast! Please please please, leave your input! I want to see everyone else's opinions on future elemental spells! :D For Spiritual spells, I will be posting a part two :]

Thanks Everyone! :D

Heather NightGem, Level 76

Mar 13, 2014
Ben Franklin could be cool, but I would suggest something like some of the films portraying Nicola Tesla charging himself up with a van der graaf generator and then shooting lightning bolts from his hands. Perhaps W101's Dr. Katzenstein could stand in for Tesla. Call it the Super Kat Zap or something. Fits in with the theme that storm is the school of electrical gadgets.