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Higher Level Cards

Jul 26, 2014
Hey people.
I'm going to suggest some card ideas. BUT they cost a lot more pips then Lv.88 Cards.
DMG: 50+2200 over 22 Rounds.
Abilities: Stun enemy for 2 Rounds.
Pips: 12 or 13 pips
Type: Balance
Fizzle Rate: 85% chance.
Animation: "Timelord" comes out of a clock and all of a sudden a bunch of clocks appear and start ticking loudly. Then the Timelord uses his Timestaff and hits the character in the head .Also, a GIANT tick comes out and he becomes stunned for 2 Rounds.

Lv.25 Wizard

Oct 09, 2011
You can finish a battle with less than 22 rounds in total with the spells we currently have. That DoT lasts way too long, you wouldn't be able to shield for 22 or 23 rounds in PvP, and for PvE, why would you want to wait 22 rounds to deal the full damage when you could do more (with feints) in one round? Also, the next spells will almost certainly be 11 pip spells. By the way, did this idea come from Doctor Who?

Jun 04, 2014
fire attack
give 1000 dmg. and 330 lives back
cost 10 pip

the stage is: a vulcan comes out of the ground, and out of it comes a lava man who gives him a slap