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Heroic Dungeons and Dungeon Finder

Jun 08, 2012
gamer93277 on Aug 7, 2010 wrote:
So other games have implimented some sort of system to match up people who are looking to run certain dungeons within a game. Wizard101 has a system already in place to match up people for arena matches which takes people of similar level range (and I'm guessing ranking too but not sure on that) and probably more but again not sure on how it works. As I've been leveling up some toons I've noticed how difficult it is to find a group to run a dungeon unless you stand outside of where that dungeon is and simply wait for enough people to show up (or make friends with high level people and more or less beg them to help with it). I can only guess that as you get higher level it will only get worse. I stood outside of Sunken City for a good 45 minutes waiting for people to show up to run that AFTER I had been asking around in The Commons and The Shopping District for a good 30 minutes. Because non-paying players can buy unlocking worlds but not communicate to others that they want to run a dungeon or read a paying member speaking that they want to run a dungeon because all they'll see is "..." (btw I'm a paying member obviously because I'm posting on here lol) its difficult to get a group together.

Please, oh please add some sort of dungeon finder system to match up people that want to run dungeons. Towers or the quest boss places are typically easier to get some help with because all you have to do is stand outside of where that boss is and wait for someone to stand infront & you join up with them but dungeons are a whole other story.
I was thinking something like the PvP thing, that would be siting out side every dungeon. Like it would have for members and you could join, see their levels, click on them so you could add them, all the good stuff. I been thinking about this for awhile, I just do dungeon's like Tartarus by myself with 2 accounts, just because it takes about 20 minutes to find a team.

Jul 29, 2009
This is a long, long time overdue. There might be some difficulties with this, like having all the same type wizard might be a set back or a bonus, but picking types might leave some people feeling left out. At least level requirements should be implemented, and gear requirements would be recommend(very low requirements because getting gear is the main reason I would see people wanting to do this *cough* waterworks *cough*or maybe someone can come up with another way of doing it.) All in all it great idea and they might have a few troubles puzzling it out but I have confidence in KI.

Jul 26, 2012
One thing I have always wanted in Wizard101 is a system that makes finding groups for dungeons an easier process. In front of the Duel Arena, there are pedestals that allow players to "sign-up" for matches to fight alongside and against other players. So I figure, why not integrate a similar system for dungeons and bosses that are designed to be tackled by groups?

I figure that similar pedestals could be placed in front of big dungeons, or instances with cheating bosses. Players could sign up at these dungeon pedestals to be grouped with other wizards across realms who have also signed up to go inside. In much the same way Arena Pedestals place groups into the duel arena, these "Dungeon Pedestals" would place groups of wizards into the dungeon or instance the pedestal is in front of.

I personally enjoy group play very much. However, finding 2 to 3 other wizards who all want to do the same dungeon (or fight the same boss) can oftentimes be a very time consuming or even boring process. If Wizard101 is going to have difficult dungeons and cheating bosses in the game, I feel we need some kind of system to make finding groups for these obstacles less of a chore.

As the story line for Wizard101 progresses, our wizards are being pitted against more and more cheating bosses, many of whom dwell in very long dungeons. This worries me, because more and more often it seems I am trekking all over the Spiral looking for help. I'd love to enjoy group play, dungeons, and even cheating bosses whenever I want. Being unable to find help (or taking a long time to find it) acts as a roadblock that prevents me from enjoying these aspects of the game. Make it so we can enjoy group play and challenging dungeons whenever we want. Add a dungeon grouping system so being unable to find help won't be an issue.

Mind you, the "Arena Pedestals" thing is just a rudimentary example of how an organized dungeon grouping system might work. I figured people would understand that example best since such a system is used in the game already. I'd be open to any kind of organized grouping system, and would love to hear any and all suggestions and feedback.

So please, KingsIsle, consider my request.

May 27, 2009
When none of your friends are online the same time as you, and you wish to do a dungeon it is hard to find people to help you. Is it possible to add a "dungeon group list" option when you are waiting to do a dungeon? You select the dungeon you wish to explore and others that need to do the same dungeon can group with you.

What are your thoughts?

Aug 28, 2009
This is a good idea. I know that sometimes, people will start to go into the dungeon you want and when they see you on the sigil, they leave. It's like they want to do the dungeon alone (or just with their own group). A dungeon finder would eliminate the waiting around, looking for a team, thinking you found one and watching them leave. That sucks!

Sep 19, 2010
This is a great idea and I lend my voice of support to it. Kudos to the OP for this fantastic idea.

Belgrim Anvil Lv 30

Belgrim BoomHammer Lv 90

Belgrim Dust Lv 90

Begrim Emeraldbane Lv 90

Belgrim Fist Lv 90

William Wildweaver Lv 90

May 13, 2009
Great idea! I was thinking of a similar idea... but this seems a bit better than what I was thinking of. You never want to do a dungeon alone!

Jul 29, 2009
I just realized something, Its been over 3 years since the OP made this topic. Why hasn't KI said anything by now?

Jun 14, 2009
In my opinion, Group Finder, MUST be added to Wizard101. With the game having dungeons like Olyumpus, Atlantea, Tartarus, Winterbane, Pagoda, and many others, there must be group finder. its unreliable to just keeping switching realms to find a group, as well as time consuming. PLEASE add group finder, I know me and many others can not go without it.

Fred, Level 77 Wizard

Nov 19, 2010
So, have you ever needed to do a boss but you had nobody to help you? I hate it when this happens. KI, i think you should add a system where, you would open a tab in friends or something, and it would have different bosses from different areas in different worlds. The vision in my head is kinda like the pvp system, For example it would say:
Wizard:Adam Storm Tamer

Boss :Azuhli drowned dog

You would add yourself to a list saying which boss, dungeon, or mob and there would be a 2 minute timer (maybe more).

The timer would be there to prevent people from ditching, you would be able to close your need for assistance.
Also, you would be bound to the spot you were standing in, and you would need to be in the area of that boss to make a request.

Though this is quite elaborate, it would make it easier for wizards to make new friends and finish quests easier :) :)

Thanks for reading, if you are another wizard who think this would be good, then say +1 or -1 if you don't like it.

~Adamstormtamer lvl 89 storm

Sep 21, 2013
I have been SO wishing for this. I mostly play solo and have figured out strategies for my different wizards to win without help but when I hit some of the daunting dungeons or towers like Beguiler or Big Ben I do like to have people with me and there often aren't that many friends on at a given time. Sometimes it takes me days to happen to be on at the right moment to ask a friend to help. It would be so much easier if we could do it the same way you sign up for PvP or Pet Derby and just get "called" to the dungeons when a group has formed.
Since people have been asking for this for some time I'm puzzled as to why Kingsisle doesn't implement -- obviously the basic programming for it already exists.

Mar 03, 2009
I know this subject has been discussed before, but the most recent post I saw was from 2010. We really need a queue system put in place for boss battles. Some boss battles are impossible to solo, and some of them require you to complete those battles before you can progress to other areas. It is extremely frustrating having this kind of brick wall content with limited means for a solo player to overcome it. Your only options are to stand at the entrance and hope someone comes along and allows you to go in with them, or try to find a highly populated realm and hope that someone there (sometimes three "someones") are willing to go along with you. I just don't think it's reasonable to NOT have this feature.

Please consider adding this feature to the game. I think it will alleviate a lot of frustration for a lot of people.


Jul 27, 2012
Hi, I was wondering if you can add something that can group people together that are on a similiar level and same quest. With grouping becoming more necessary in worlds like Celestia and higher, we need to be able to group with other players that need help on the same quest or 1 quest before that one. Like the quest finder, maybe you can add a player finder that looks for players in the same area as you and same quest (EX. You are in the floating land. Someone is up to the same quest as you and you don't know where he is so you use the player finder). If no player is found, then have a 60 second cool-down, switch realms and try again. This way you can try to find ANYONE playing wizard101 and is on the same quest as you and ask for their help.

Apr 27, 2010
There are already ques in place for pvp. Why not add a central beacon for ques in each area as well? This would allow people to que for a particular instance and not need to stand around waiting for others or realm hop in order to find people in need of the same place. It may also help mitigate what I call the spaz teasers who like to join then step off the platform repeatedly for no apparent reason making it harder for legitimate players to join with a full group. The same cool-down that exists for PvP could also be applied to those that leave a formed/joined instance within the first say 5-10 mins to prevent abuse. It seems to me the pvp code could easily be adapted to preform this function and make finding dungeon groups much easier.

Jan 05, 2014
This thread has been running for 3½ years. It seems to me that if KI had an interest in implementing such a feature they would have done so by now.

I invite the talented developers among the W101 community to implement such a function as a fan site. A bulletin board or something you could log into and post your desire to run a particular dungeon. You could give details such as realm and approximate time you would like to start. Posters should mention their level and school and possibly secondary schools. The original poster of a thread could accept or reject potential joiners based on their info, and perhaps ask for specific types of character (i.e. "We need a healer lvl 30+ to complete this group"). Since posts would proliferate, there would need to be some auto editing feature to remove threads that aren't recent, perhaps any thread not bumped might be deleted after 36 hours or so.

Nov 19, 2010
OK, so I have seen a post about this before, but I felt it wasn't very well explained and it had been lost in the sea of forum posts.

What I am suggesting is a group finder system.

There would be a kiosk outside every instance much like the stone pvp book.

I would imagine it would have a "Create Group" button, when you pressed it, it would have options like: how many people you are look for.

It is one of those mmo things that i think KI should consider adding, it also kind of enforces the team game theme.

Tell me what your opinion on this idea is and hopefully we can get a group finder kiosk in the next couple of updates

- Adam|Storm|Tamer Level 94 storm

Jul 18, 2010
I feel it would be very helpfull if we had a seperate tab for announcing/requesting help for dungeons.
It would be nice if we could announce to the spiral "Looking for group to beat Mirror Lake" for example.

It would of course have to be limited to requests for help with Boss or Dungeons your having difficulty with. I for one wouldn't wan't to have to have my entire chat box flooded with people around the Spiral spamming for gifts of Yuletide Packs or whatever else they wan't.

Having a chat box dedicated to Dungeon Crawling would also be a great way to meet people your own level who you get along & fight well with. You could fill your list with "Real Friends".

Jul 18, 2010
It doesn't need to be overly complicated.
Iv'e played other mmo's that had a grouping system for dungeons. The group leader simply puts out a global call saying "Hey. I'm doing such & such dungeon. Wanna Join"? Then decides who too accept out of the replies.

Anyway. Keep the post coming. If the thread lasts long enough maybe KI. Will finally take the hint.

Dec 14, 2013
Lets say you are on a tough quest(I am) and you need help! What if there was a way you could connect with other people on the same quest! You could get a list with peoples names on it, teleport to them, and help eachother out! I know there are flaws in this idea like, what if there farther into the quest than you. And there are other ways like friends or waiting for some one to show up! But this is just an idea!

Matthew TitanStrider Adept Pyromancer

Aug 05, 2009
I think there needs to be a new queue system for players wanting to run dungeons. Something similar to the way we find matches for pvp. That way instead of hundreds of players on multiple realms trying to find a group for tartarus, or waterworks, etc.. and having to switch realms slowly to find a group and check out other players to see their level and school, people could just get in a queue for a specific dungeon and continue playing in the meantime. Once 3 other players have joined that queue all would have 60 seconds to confirm they are still online and ready to go and then they'd be teleported to the dungeon entrance. If they didn't like the makeup of the team they could drop into another queue for that dungeon. Of course, players could still form groups outside of dungeon entrances, but having this queue system, which many other MMO's have, would save people hours of hopping from one realm to another trying to find people who want a hades run, or a gladiator run, Tower of the Helephant, etc.. And cheating quest bosses could be added too for those who play at odd times and have trouble continuing a quest line without help.

KI, this is badly needed. It will help keep more of the higher level players around because it will make it easier for them to farm bosses and dungeons, which is the main thing for them to do while they wait for new content.

Jul 18, 2010
Yes! It's here!...(almost).
Once it clears the test realm we'll finally have it. Thanks KI