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Helvethica Academy new world idea!!

Aug 12, 2010
Have you ever looked up from wizard city and seen walls and a big hill?

Well then you will get my drift!

Here there are a phew secret trainers so look around!

Also these secret trainers will give new sschools Gold,Danger,Wind,Spiral

Ok so here are the areas each one will come from a bit of info!

Helvethica Academy(Commons area with the schools with spells for 45,47.49,53,57,61,67,70! for each school!)

Balance plain(Mainly balance monsters,Bosses Manders,Kroks,Judgements!)

Spirit Plain(Life,Death,Myth Monsters and bosses Earthwalkers,Cyclops,Wraiths,Trees,Minotaur,Iathine Sceptre)

Elemental Plain (Ice,Fire,Storm Monsters and bosses Evil snowmen,Fire elfs,Collosus,Elementals(fire ice storm) )

Ether Field (Life and death monsters Forest lords,Scarecrows,Seraphs,Skeletal Pirates)

Mt.Craxzot (Volcano Fire Monsters and a few other schools draconians,fire elementals,Sunbirds Comes with a side instance!)

Place of dreams (Life and Myth monsters and bosses A Dungeon Centuars,Taloses)

Stormy Island(Storm monsters and bosses some others Krakens (e.g Topaz krakens(myth) Life krakens (Life) And Just Krakens (Storm most of them are storm!)

Hall of the Wizards (All school monsters and bosses Npcs are Wizards An instance)

Ruined Alcazar (Penultimate area (Moon,Star and Sun! monsters and bosses Lunar protectors Stellar protector Solar protector and people like the final three bosses of cl)

Shadow web fortress(Morganthes stronghold an instance Death monsters and bosses the bosses are Generals and Weavers and A Shadow web apprentice!)

Ok so here is the storyline Morganthe has tried to use Helvethica as a base for attack of wizard city

The new schools and trainers give benefits!

Gold school (Free for Myth and Storm gives useful spells such as Double traps and Prism to all!)

Wind school(Free for death and Life gives spells such as just damage spells for death more heal for life )

These spells are helpful for Each school and helps bring out thier strong point!

Ty for listening to my world idea and pls feel free to comment :D :D :D :D

Aug 12, 2010
ty for telling me that it is also that i needed to edit it a bit and not tottaly flood the post with words but thank you for telling me that and i will make sure that next time i post i will take extra measures to not use duplicate posting