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Jul 16, 2009
I have two lvl 30+ wizards stuck on the last 4 spots of mb all dungeons! !
And the counterwieghts are imposible unless you ave groups or if you get up to lvl 33 in grizzilheim ive tried it and i didn't get to more than 32 also im 15 but I put my age in as 14 it won't let me talk!!! i can't beat the counterwieghts without talking and i know I can't solo the rest of the game! fix it please!
wolf hunter lvl 32 balance/life:thomas goldengrove 30 pyromancer

Jun 17, 2009
well i have done counterweights myself on my myth character now he is in dragonspyre and i'm bored with him...

all you need to do is be able to do your work..

about your talking issue well you need to go to my accounts and go to edit scroll down to the chat area put enable so you can talk.