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Health to Mana Reduces Down Time

Oct 14, 2009
Level 50 spell or each class.

Cost: 5 mana

Description: Spell consumes 50% of current health and converts 5% of that value into Mana.

Example: Players at 1000 health will be reduced to 50% to 500 health and converts that health that into 25 mana. [Note: Players can then use a heal spell if they wish at the cost of Y (Y = whatever such as 3, 4, or 5 mana heal spell for 450 health on themselves to regain health.]

Net gain is 21 mana but makes you vulnerable and takes a minimum of 2 turns (remember you can fizz these spells).

Optional bonus 1: Maybe reversible for Mana to Health spell. 50% of mana may be used * 100 for health. Example 40 total mana. 50% = 20 mana used * 1000 for a total of 2000 health. Add group or AoE effect?

Optional bonus 2: May be cast out of combat. :)

Yes or No Folks?