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Healing spells for all low level wizards

Aug 20, 2011
See title. All early wizards either need to 1) earn 5 to 10 Sprite treasure cards on their Unicorn Way quests, or else 2) actually include the Minor Blessing spell in the novice wand.

This has bothered me since I started playing: new wizards never think to heal their teammates. Unless they're life. The reason why boils down to the fact that Life wizards have heal spells shoved into their decks by default, and since they show up and are available, they think to make use of them. Many early wizards get Pixie confused with Fairy and heal themselves, adding insult to injury.

Personally, I'm with the Sprite treasures idea. It would help ease the problem, and make players aware that they can use healing magic if they prepare. As is, early wizards rarely buy heal treasure cards and keep them on hand in case of emergency. (They seem to always have Ghost Touch and Seraph though.)