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Heal to Kill?

Dec 26, 2008
Who uses the Sun Mutate spells?
Would you use them if they turned your heals into damage?

Ok, for those that don't already know there is a trainer in Stormriven Hall-Celestia that teaches sun spells that mutate normal spells into something different. Their name is Korsten Bloodscorn, and the mutate spells have the power to turn a heal into damage as seen by the mutate sprite spell. So, why is there only a handful of mutate spell?
They at the moment have very little use due to the fact that they change the school of spells when they mutate. It makes it only useful if you have a spell from another school you can mutate into your school, and even then you have to draw both spells to make it happen. I was wondering if we could get more Mutate spells that allowed for more heals to become damage spells and vice-versa. Another idea would be to rework mutate spells. What if when you mutate a spell it's given your schools damage by default? Just curious of what you guys think could make these spells have more of a use in today's wizarding world.
Thx for the read:

Dustin Sparklefountain

Mar 10, 2015
I don’t see why not lol. Those spells are /where a bygone era when kingisle had no clue how they wanted to update combat. Polymorphism, and mutate spells in general have just prob been forgotten by the devs themselves.

Yes I think they need to bring it back, in a way that actually makes sense.