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Have You Ever Had a Wizard101 Dream?

Jul 05, 2011

my nightmare:

its dark out. I'm being chased by something.. I can never make out what it is. I run, I'm terrified and I can't run fast enough but it catches me....


Jun 23, 2011
These are the funniest dreams EVER! LOOOOOOOOOL!

Mine isn't funny though

I had a dream where I was playing Wiz101 at my grandma's house at night. hen I had to go to bed. I couldn't sleep so I lay in bed. Then I saw Mr. Lincoln standing in the doorway and jumped. He gestured to the closet and said, "Go in." I went in and stepped into the commons as my regular person, not my wizard. As soon as i was out of the closet the closet disappeared. Mr Lincoln told me to go to Ambrose. So I did, and he was sitting at his desk in his office. He said, "I've been expecting you," without looking up. "You have?" I asked.

And then I woke up. Weird.

I am writing a story in meh notebook about it. I am gonna continue my dream in the story.

Thanks for reading! :D

Christina Earthleaf Level 56 Grandmaster Theurgist

May 04, 2009
One time i had a dream about Wizard101 it went like this

My wizard (Anna Bluegem) was walking from her dorm down to the library.
I was going to go return a book then I saw a note on the library door it said NOTE: Dear all students if you want to return or get a book you must come back a other day (this goes for all the librarys in the wizard sprial) my wizard was like what that cant be possible its never closed on Thursday. So I went to Master Ambrouse and he wasnt there
I couldnt find anyone anywear then the dream stopped hopefully ill dream of it another time.

Apr 25, 2011
codastar wrote:
I was in my sun palace when people kept porting to me and kept squishing me and then I made it out and then I turned ports off Wow


Tiffany Wildrider Adept Pyromancer

Apr 25, 2011
HermioneGranger81 wrote:
New dream I had last night:
It was the Ravenwood Ball and everyone was having fun. I was dancing with my date, Hunter Dragonrider. We were happy together. :)
After we were done dancing, Hunter told me, "Happy Birthday, Amanda Emeraldeyes, the love of my life." :-)
I had thought everyone forgot about my birthday, but he took me to the commons, were a huge party was set up.
After a long time of partying and talking to my friends, I sat on the edge of the pond and watched the fish swimming around. I tossed in some bread crumbs and they ate them up.
Then Hunter took me again and showed me his present: a storm house. 8)
I was shocked.
He was showing me the different places and where he had set the furniture when the lights went out suddenly. A cool mist crept over me, and I felt Hunter's grip slowly leave my hand. :|
When the lighst came back on, he was gone.

Awwwwww what a sad storeh!

Tiffany Wildrider Adept Pyromancer

Aug 03, 2011
I had a strange dream. 2 actually.

1: ok so i'm in my room playing wizard101. then some ghost corrups my computer and says: you will never leave the dream world, chosen one! i was thinking: what? but then she is trying to attack me but i'm like owning her. i try to escape through my house (and in every room my mom comes in randomly not scared and she tells me not to play computer. ???) so anyways i killed her and then i woke up as she says: I'll get you one day! i will torment everyone you know! not sure why its so strange.

2: i wake up get out of bed and i grab a laptop and start playing w101 as I eat breakfast. and THEN I wake up for real.

Oct 28, 2010
I have had 2 wizard 101 dreams in the first one I was in my masave fantisy palace and I think there were... lighting bats? In my second one I was fighting clockwork golems in I think chelsea court, but then I started to wonder why I was looking at myself, realized I was dreaming and woke up
Alexandra Goldesong~ magus ice

Jul 06, 2009
i'vbut ve had a few dreams about wizard101 but i remember this the most

i was playing wizard101 with my cousin emily luke and kristin (these are not there real names just their character names) and all of a sudden a vortex or however you spell it comes out of the screen and sucks us all in. we all are amased, were in wizard city!! then out of nowwere were taken from the commons to some dueling arena and were fighting some monster. emily says, " i dont wanna be hit" :-(. " can't we just step out of the dueling circle?" kristin says. " uhh good point" me and luke say at the same time. then we just all step out of the circle thing and walk back to our homes then i woke up.

Sep 30, 2009
I've had the weirdest dream yet!
It started out with a hockey game, storm verse myth. Usually, same schools don't go against each other, but our next game was against Pigswick and we needed to be ready. The diviner hockey players at Pigswick were said to be tough.
Only problem was, I was goalie, and I didn't know how to be a goalie.
The only reason I was a goal-tender is because both the other goalies were sick or out on quest for the headmaster.
The team captains were Amand Emeraldeye, me, and a boy named Mike Mythsheild. :|
It's not normal for a goalie to be captain, but like I said, this wasn't my real position. I was really a center.
So after playing two periods, we were tired, zero to zero. :|
It was the third period and that's when stuff happened.
First of all, a girl from death thought it would be funny to cast a rotting fodder on the ice. :x
It wasn't funny.
That caused a boy from myth to cast cyclopes to take out the rotting fodder, but it turned out that the two were only making it worst.
Then a girl on my storm team cast triton and took both of them out. :-)
Finally, I couldn't take it anymore so I used storm shield to take out the triton. :-P
Then, about ten mintues after that, a boy from ice thought that the ice needed to be redone, so he cast snowman to get the ice frozen again. :?
It turned out to be attacking me. :|
Then, my friend on the team, Alex Ravenblade, used storm snake to get rid of the snowman and scored in the last minute of play. :-P
Diviners won.
But it was still stange because everyone started casting spells and that took up the whole ice and we had to run to the locker rooms to make sure we wouldn't be trambled on.
Then I woke up. :|
A dream finally finished! Yes! :) :) :) :-) :-) :-) :D :D :D :-D :-D :-D

Oct 24, 2009
ok this is my second wizard101 dream:

for some reason Raven Wood had a culenairy class and I was in it not my wizard the actual me. And we had a transfer student from wysteria so we were making pork chops but I don't rember who the teacher was but it was one of the magic teachers then Ambross comes in and says ' Have you seen the transfer student from wyesteria?' then I said Oh! so I throw the pork chops as some kid ans said no. But this whole dream is werid because I don't eat pig.

Oct 24, 2009
My third Wiz101 dream:

Ok I was my wizard and I'm sitting on a branch of Bartbey or how ever you spell his name eating a giant cookie Then suddenly Malistar came and started attacking ever one so them my cookie turn in to a wand called The Staff Of Pickle Pandas and I hoped down to whack him with it but instead I broke my ankle. Malistar then called me a loser so then everything was kind of like a video game and I was attacking his minons and when I killed them they turned in to glitter anyway then I shouted THIS IS FOR STEALING MY COOKIE! then my sister as her wizard came and said It he didn't take my cookie and it was his cookie so then I said why are you in my dream? then I relized I was dreaming and woke up. But apparently I had sleep walked from my bed to our couch