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Hatching is a chore-Doesn't have to be a bore!

Jul 23, 2010
Everyone knows that hatching is a total bore now. You can spend hours in the hatchery waiting for a pet to come along that you like, only to get rejected and have to wait around for a few more hours. Honestly, it's like pulling teeth. I propose a solution that, while it doesn't pull all the teeth at once nor keeps them from getting pulled, will sedate the effects. How about we add a scrolling tool that allows people (in the hatchery only) to see every pet you have that is adult or higher? That way, instead of sitting in the hatchery listing a hundred different pets you have, listening to (or, rather, reading) their list, and then deciding whether or not it's the right pet for you and if you both want to hatch, you can already know what the other person has. Maybe something could be thrown in like the top three pets or abilities each of you are looking for. I'm no coder, but I think that wouldn't be too hard to work out, considering what all is in the game so far. Something like a button over a person, or a new tab when you click on someone. You could get a list that says "Pets: Pet1 (adult) (list of talents), Pet 2 (mega) (list of talents), Pet 3 (epic) (list of talents) [and so on, and so forth]. Desired Pets/Talents: Ianthine Hound (may cast fairy, may cast spritely), Polar Bear (May cast [blah blah blah, up to the five talents])-or 'not specified' (may cast fairy, may cast spritely)" etc.
It's just an idea. But I know that for us collectors and pet builders, this is getting to be a problem and waaayyy too much time is spent in the hatchery just shopping. If you like the idea, give it a thumbs up or whatever to get KI to notice and maybe we can see this implemented.

Level 78

And who doesn't like stickers? lol! <-- Yep..Just because I can. :D hehe

Aug 20, 2011
The interface you describe might help to streamline the hatching process. I like your idea of being able to scroll through others' pets without having to 1) get someone's attention, 2) communicate what pet or abilities you would like to pursue and then collate that with their backpack pets, 3) confirm that they want to hatch with one of your presumably myriad pets, and 4) confirm that they have enough gold and a timer to complete the hatch. That's a bad system with too many steps, and keeping it that way basically ensures that very little hatching will happen.

So, I think you're onto something. I hope KI considers something like this.

Sep 07, 2011
Good idea. It is very hard for players with menu chat who can't ask for specific pets and talents. It would be nice to have some kind of match up board where you could offer or ask for hatches.