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Hairstyles and Hats

Dec 18, 2011
So way back when i started this game many years ago i chose really dumb colours on my Death wizard, blue and yellow boots, green and light blue robe, red and turqoise hat and green hair.

Now at lvl 102 i have stitched elegant gear to my darkmoor gear and i can see the very obvious green hair sticking out the back. UGH its soo ugly. it didnt affect me much before because most of my gear covered it (waterworks/crafted/darkmoor) but now with the elegant hat its really obvious.

So i was thinking as KI have ignored our pleas to change the original colour and name choices we made at the start but decided to add hairstyles that we cant use with hats, its either stitch a hairstyle or stitch a hat, why cant we combine hair and hats.

So say i want to have Death Lords Veil of Woe with the look of the elegant hat and say the swan then i go to Eloise Merryweather and look at hats. There would be 3 options rather than the usual 2.

First one would be Hairstyles and this would be optional you chose one hairstyle from you backpack. The second one would be hats and you chose what hat you want like before but if you chose a hairstyle then that hairstyle and colour will be seen under the hat. Then the final one will be what stats you want like normal.

Anyone Like? Any idea to add or change leave a comment below

Jan 30, 2014
I want a face change, hair change. Totally agree.
My name, I would suggest for some, but because I like my original I wouldn't.
Hair change, that's all I want now...
I picked really ugly purple hair and it's so ugly... and the rabbit in my hat design. Ugh.

I'm with you bro.

See you in the spiral!

~ Alexis