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Guards for your home

Jul 19, 2009
They should have roaming guards walking outside around the houses. Like if they for differed for each world. I would buy one.

May 24, 2009
yeah, that would be a good idea. :P

I think you should also be able to make a list of unwanted people that your guards could challenge in a duel when they see them.

~Dolan IceBlade
Lv. 47 Ice Wizard

Jul 27, 2009
I don't get that. A guard to protect what? You need to have something to protect and why and how someone can get to your house.

p.s. I don't agree

Jun 24, 2009
I think its a good idea. Doraslayer's i idea is very creative if they could do that i would buy tons!

I think there should be different level for the guards like you can buy a noob guard or a guard that acts like a grandmaster. But yeah i think this is a cool idea. Keep it coming with these good ideas!

~Matthew Hawk
Lv. 50 Balance

May 02, 2009
yeah, great idea.

We could even have a draconian guard and a skeletal pirate gaurd.
or even better, an evil snowman and a magma man gaurd.

You could set them up at certain points in your home and/or even set up their movement path(where they walk around in the home).

I think that you could even have your pets gaurd the house. think about it, your lovable firecat is now your lovable guard.

I love this idea, and I hope that KI implements this idea in the future. 8)