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Grizzlehiem Houses?!?

Dec 13, 2008
Grizzlehiem Housing Chase!
Every world has houses (I hope you all know that!), except Grizzlehiem. . . Where are they? When you reply don't say in the Grizzlehiem housing shop!! Is it a Glitch or is there really no houses. I realized this when the airing of the new Wizard101 Housing Trailer came out. I rolled my eyes, thinking I've seen all of these houses. . . Execpt!?! Could that be?? No. . . I rushed to my computer to see if the update had came yet but it didn't. I even tryed the test realm. . . Nothin' Is this KingIsle's mistake??

I don't know. . . I did some research on the topic. . . And I found a pagraph about the houses. . . They were confused also, so I geuss I'm not alone, is this a mistake, or is this just KingsIsle's way of giving us a sneek peak. . .

I don't know. . . I resarched the topic here on the Wizard Homepage Forum. . . And last post was from July of '09?!? There were asking for Grizzlehiem furnature???

Colin FrostGlade--48--Master of Storm-- Storm
Cody LotusCaller--37--Oni Slayer-- Balance

Jun 01, 2009
if they did have grizzleheim houses that would be awesome you should bring this to their attention... hopefully then there would a few houses for grizzleheim...