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Grizzlehiem Bear Powered Boat

Jan 04, 2009
I bought the Grizzlehiem bear powered boat and I was thinking its a boat why can we not put it in the water. I have the Marleybone Mansion so I have a huge river running right through my island. If you think this is a good idea then please leave a post.

Alexander Drakeward
Level 36 Magus Necromancer

Oct 10, 2008
Yes! Great idea! I personally do not have one, but my friend does. He can't put it in the water and thinks it is kind of a rip off, that's the reason why I don't have one, LOL. :P

Feb 04, 2009
I think we should pay EXTRA for swimming pools and stuff and get the game running not just the story line because grandmasters get bored after awhile they have nothing to do expect either pvp, finsh side quests, and help others.
so what if we could go like fishing,cooking and also who agrees the crafting has to be tweeked alittle. so why cant we put stuff in the swimming pool because i have a castle the 8k wc one and you can run down the waterfall i want to put like a jail cell under the water fall if you fall your stuck it would be cool WE SHOULD HAVE ITEMS YOU COULD PUT IN WATER AND LAND D;

Jun 23, 2009
that would be great.

see, the problem with houses in this game is that they are useless. you only buy one to show it off or have a 15 minute party.

there's nothing to do in a castle because you can't interact with the furniture besides the crafting station...

i payed good money for a sofa, why can't i sit on it?

and the little oasis in my krokotopia mansion? why can't i swim in it?

whew i'm tired i'm going to bed... oh wait i can't.

the boats on water idea is great but castles and houses need interaction with furniture the most otherwise they're just boring.