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Greek World and Greek Spells

Apr 04, 2010
Hello! I was thinking lately if Wizard101 were to create a world that represents Greek. Because, you have spells like Medusa and Minotaur that all come from Greek. Plus, spells like Storm Lord could become the storm god Zeus to make things more interesting. Here is one of my examples of a new spell. Don't worry, it isn't outrageous.

School: Fire
Name: Hyperion (Titan of Light and the East)
Pip: 9
Accuracy: 75%
Type: Damage
Effect: 900 Fire damage to all enemies and -40% Accuracy to next spell to all enemies
Appearance: A small fire is blazing in a faded view of Greek, the fire bursts and the surrounding regains it's color, Hyperion walks out and smash his sword onto all enemies sort of like the Efreet.

School: Death
Name: Hades (God of Dead and the Underworld)
Accuracy: 85%
Type: Steal
Effect: 600 Death damage to all enemies and swap half to heal and -50% Heal to next heal spell to all enemies
Appearance: The view goes underground, across the River Styx and into Hades palace, he stands up from his chair and wields his obsidian blade. He then strikes it on each enemy and their health goes passes him and into you.

Hope you like these ideas!

Lv. 45 Sorcerer!

Dec 01, 2010
Jul 26, 2009
There's already tons of spells based on Greek mythology. Cyclops, Minotaur, Centaur, Medusa, Orthrus, Satyr, etc.

And this idea has already been posted many times by other Percy Jackson obsessed people.

I think Storm Lord is a more interesting sounding name than Zeus. More original.

I don't think we need all the spells to be Greek gods.

Just saying.