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grandmaster staff. 25 damage per pip.

Dec 21, 2008
i had an idea for a queats only for those who have made it up to grandmaster status. the quest should start out like this. your tearcher calls you about a special item. you go to your teacher and he/she gives you a quest to get 6 staff pieces. and to get them you must fight all the teachers. each one in there tower.Except balance(he will be in a tomb in the krokosphinxs).i am pertaining this for life since i am a life grand master so quests will vary. there healths are this. Cyrus Drake myth 5000, Daliea Falmea fire 6500, Lydia ice 13000, Halston Balestrom storm 6000, Dworgyn death 7000, Alzered balance 4500, after you get all those pieces you'll have to get an orb from Moolinda Woo life 15000. after you defeat her the orb will have no power so you will have to charge it up by fighting 3 bosses of life in life tower.Moolinda summons them. there healths will all be 2500. after that they will charge the orb of life and she will attach it to the staff and there you go. you get the staff of eternal life. it does extreme wrath 25 damage per pip.

thats a suggestion tell me what you think. and have fun.
Austin IronHeart. lvl 50 life

Dec 12, 2008
i think this is a very good idea, but think of that much updating. thats about as muh=ch updates for 12 hours to get the whole thing done. but yes, and i just thought maybe you should be allowed to solo it or bring ONE friend port.
one more to add, the life and ice are a little to much health wise, but i am death, so moolinda doesnt worry me, and i am half fire so win-win :) great idea though!

Aug 18, 2009
i like the idea, and i would do the quest, but

the staff would sit in my bank, unless there were a way to display it in my house.

25 damage per pip, assuming 8 power pips is 400 damage and you have blown your entire pip reserve.

as a fellow theurge i am sure you know that a centaur will do around 600 damage and only use 3 power pips.

I really do like the idea though, too many people want some uber powerful item or spell

and i applaud the fact that you are being creative in your idea for a new spell

Aug 09, 2009
I think it is a great idea for a new wand. Just instead of it using up the pips it will just adjust the attack to however many pips you have each time you use it.