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Grandmaster Pet/Mount Ideas

Jul 11, 2009
I know, I know, you've heard PLENTY of these. But what if at level 50, Wizards got a call from their proffesor that offers a personal Pet/Mount that also gives them that card.
Such as:

Fire School:
Pet: Fire Dragon
Mount: Fire Dragon
Ice School:
Pet: Frost Giant
Mount: Frost Beetle, Snow Serpent, or Ice Wyvern
Storm School:
Pet: Triton, Kraken
Mount: Triton, Kraken, Stormzilla
Life School:
Pet: Bartelby (Rebirth)
Mount: Centaur
Myth School:
Pet: Minotaur, Humongofrog,
Mount: Orthrus, Giant Bloodbat
Death School:
Pet: Wraith, Scarecrow, Banshee
Mount: Giant Vampire Bat
Balance School:
Pet: Judgement, Locust Swarm, Scorpion, Hydra
Mount: Scarab, Sandstorm, Scorpion, Hydra

Post your Ideas!

Apr 26, 2009
Jul 30, 2009
Well, here's the problem with that...

All students get a pet and pet card at level 48, when they get their final 'special' school spell...

So it doesn't make much sense game wise to reward them again when they only go up 2 levels and been given that type of reward already. ;)

Aug 30, 2009
I think the grandmaster pet for life should be centaur, satyr, or natures wrath(the tree person thing).

Feb 16, 2009
J3R3MY wrote:
I think the grandmaster pet for life should be centaur, satyr, or natures wrath(the tree person thing).

I agree with AlicornsPrayer, and J3R3MY having the natures wrath wouldn't make sense, there is already a natures wrath pet you can get from a boss. You already get satyr when your level 48 and centaur would be sorta weird if it was in small version i would think.
Having more mounts, what a pain. If there would to be ever mounts and pets given at a certain level then it would be most likely they would raise the level cap.

Dec 22, 2008
Sweet Idea! Exept the death mount i dont like to much....

Death Mount: An Undead horse(Would be cool if there was a chariot )

Also it would be cool if there were more than one mount like a choice between two mounts.